How to Optimize Your Outdoor Audio Video for Football Season


A Guide on Making the Most of Your System

As summer begins to wind down, it’s time to prep for all the upcoming autumn events.  That means you might be getting ready to host parties for the upcoming football games.

So why keep everyone cooped up inside when you could all be enjoying the beautiful fall weather that envelops Leawood, KS this time of year? With an outdoor sound system, you will love entertaining friends and family with impressive audio video components that put you right in the action of a game.

In this blog, we’ll go through the basics of an outdoor AV system and how they can elevate any tailgate this football season.




Strategically-Placed, Durable Speakers

In an outdoor system, achieving a phenomenal audio experience can be an even bigger challenge. To make the most of your sound system, it’s important to strategically plan your speakers’ locations before installing them.

Placing them strategically throughout your backyard area will help to create the ideal surround sound setup.  Instead of one area of your yard experiencing very loud sound while guests further away strain to hear, you will have evenly distributed, beautiful audio.

When your guests leave and you head inside, you can rest easy that overnight dew or even a rain shower won’t destroy your audio equipment. Durable speakers from Triad or Monitor Audio can withstand all types of storms and other outdoor use.  Have a pool in your backyard?  The outdoor speakers can endure all kinds of splashes, even if they get knocked into the pool a few times.

Since these products are so sturdy, you can be sure your speakers will be ready for the game the following week.


Easy to Control System

With lots of people over for your tailgates, there can be many hands attempting to control the volume and the general operations of your audio video features.

You luckily won't have to spend the whole time hovering nearby in case someone can’t figure out a remote or how to switch between two games.

Your outdoor AV is as easy to use as any of your other smart solutions.  With just a press of a button, you can adjust the speaker volume, change channels, dim or brighten the screen, and manage the whole system.

Friends and family will quickly get the hang of it and turn on the system in just one go.  A button can lower your outdoor TV screen, turn on your speakers, and set it all up for everyone to enjoy the 4K resolution and high-end audio – all with zero hassle.

Hosting the ultimate party this football season is a breeze.  With an outdoor sound system, it’ll feel like you’re at the game itself.


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