The Top Devices for a Stellar AV Installation


Integrate the right technology and take your entertainment to the next level!

In order to have the luxury, first-class entertainment experience you and your family deserve, you need to integrate the very best in audio-visual technology. At Applause Custom Sight & Sound, we have a team of experienced professionals ready to integrate high-performing AV installations into your Kansas City, MO, home. Keep reading our blog to explore the top three devices you need to make the most of your content-watching experience.

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Add More Fun to Your Lifestyle with a Top-Notch AV Installation


Integrate the best technology for a superior entertainment experience!

Entertainment is one of the most important elements of a modern smart home. After all, what brings more luxury to your lifestyle than creating enjoyable spaces to spend quality time with family and friends? By integrating AV installations into your Kansas City, MO home, you can effortlessly take the fun of entertainment to every room. Keep reading our blog to learn more about these great technologies!

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AV Distribution Offers Simple Control of All Your Entertainment


Discover How a Control4 Distributed AV System Will Add Convenience to Your Life

The average number of televisions per household continues to rise and with each tv, you are responsible for all the necessary components to enjoy your favorite media.  Adding a cable box and streaming device to every single tv can become costly and cause clutter. One way to avoid these inconveniences is to invest in a distributed AV system that centralizes your sources and pipes entertainment to any-and-all displays and speakers in your home with ease from one location. 

Discover how AV distribution will simplify control of your entertainment both inside and outside your home in Overland Park, KS.

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