Elevating Safety with Luma’s Residential Security System


Enhance your home security with Luma’s new AI-powered surveillance options

Residential security systems that offer peace of mind and intelligent protection are now more important than ever. In the suburbs of Overland Park, KS, homeowners prioritize the safety and security of their families and properties with Luma. With its cutting-edge technology, Luma has outpaced its competitors and revolutionized how homeowners perceive and experience security. 
Applause Custom Sight & Sound specializes in installing security cameras for homeowners in Overland Park. Read more below about how to protect your Kansas home with today’s new AI-powered security options.

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Crafting Cinematic Moments for Your Family & Friends


Your Guide to Home Theater Bliss

In the ever-progressing world of home entertainment, the quest for an immersive cinematic experience is more prevalent than ever. For Overland Park, KS residents, the journey towards creating cinematic moments in the comfort of their homes is marked by an artful home theater installation. Let’s journey through the key elements that contribute to crafting your own home theater bliss.

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Is Smart Home Lighting Worth It?

Smart lighting in a home in Overland Park, MO

Learn About the Many Benefits Smart Lighting Offers to Homeowners 

Switching your standard LED bulbs with smart lighting fixtures may seem like an unnecessary home upgrade, but this isn’t true. Smart home lighting offers several advantages that can improve every homeowner’s lifestyle and home aesthetics. 

Let’s look at a few of the benefits of smart home lighting in Overland Park, MO, for a better understanding.

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