Set the Perfect Mood for Any Occasion with an Outdoor Sound System


Enjoy immersive, high-performance audio throughout your outdoor living space

Autumn is almost here, and it is a great time to go outside and enjoy the pleasantly cool weather. Relaxing on your porch or patio can be even better if you also listen to your favorite music. Outdoor speakers are a fantastic addition to any property. Set the mood for any occasion and bring a world of possibilities to your outdoor space. In our last blog, we covered how to choose the best television for your outdoor space. In this blog, discover how an outdoor sound system will enhance your Kansas City, MO property.

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Upgrade Your Outdoor Entertainment with Revel XC Speakers


Relax with an Outdoor Sound System That Offers High Performance and Durability in Overland Park, KS

Create an ideal entertainment space in the comfort of your backyard. Whether you want to listen to music while relaxing out by the pool or hosting a gathering on your patio with an upbeat playlist, you need an outdoor audio system that offers high-performance soundand is resistant to various harsh weather conditions. Read on to learn how Revel Extreme Climate Series speakers as part of your outdoor entertainment system will bring you the best of outdoor soundin Overland Park, KS.

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Bring Your Living Spaces to Life with Outdoor Entertainment


Outdoor Televisions and Speakers Transform Your Backyard into a Personal Oasis

Outdoor gatherings have become the new normal due to social distancing guidelines. They will likely continue for years to come as homeowners realize that investing in outdoor audio-video equipment increases their property value and creates the perfect space to entertain large groups of people. To properly enjoy picture and audio outdoors, you need to invest in proper outdoor entertainment equipment that will serve your family for years. Read on to learn more about getting the best outdoor entertainment experience at your property in Kansas City, MO.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Outdoor Sound Systems


Give Your Clients Perfect Outdoor Audio the First Time Around

Summer is here, and it’s the best time for your clients to enjoy their pool and to relax in the sun – or even to have friends and family over for a barbecue or cookout.

But they can elevate these occasions with the right outdoor sound system in place – and if you’re a builder or designer in the Kansas City area, you can ensure they get one.

So how do you make sure that everything goes accordingly and your clients get their dream sound system setup right from the start?  We’ve got you covered.

Take a look below at the top 3 mistakes we warn about when installing your client’s outdoor system.  Avoid these, and you’re on your way to delivering a quality installation – one they’ll love for years to come!

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