Create a Custom Entertainment Experience with a Professional Video Wall Installation


Enjoy All Your Favorite Entertainment at Once with an Integrated System

Home entertainment is great to relax and make some memories with your family. However, your household may not always agree on what to watch, or you may want to enjoy multiple shows, sports, and games, simultaneously. A video wall installation allows you to enjoy multiple videos by crafting a wall full of high-end TVs that provide a beautiful picture, no matter how you use them. Watch sports, movies, shows, or play video games on a display that rivals a cinema’s, plus enjoy the ease of control with an integrated system. Keep reading to see how you could enjoy a video wall in your Kansas City, MO, home.

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The Best Home Networking Setup for Family Night


A Reliable Home Network Gives the Best Entertainment Experience

Nowadays, every member of the family is watching their shows and favorite films on multiple devices.  The kids have their phones and gaming consoles, and you might relax in the sitting room, watching the news on your smart tablet or laptop.  But now that the kids are back to school and the holiday rush will soon be upon us, you can plan that Friday family night in with a dependable and strongly connected home network and an abundance of streaming entertainment at your fingertips. 

Here are some of the advantages to upgrading your home networking system and enjoying media together in your Mission Hills, KS home.

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