Is It Time for a Home Network Installation Upgrade?


Does your home network need an upgrade? Here are 3 telltale signs!

In the modern, connected world, reliable home networking is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. If you study, work, or enjoy entertainment at home, then you likely have a home network installation in place. But is it really enough to satisfy your unique needs? Keep reading below to learn three important signs that it’s time to reach out to Applause Custom Sight & Sound to upgrade your networking and elevate your smart living experience in Kansas City, MO.

Is Your Network Smart Home Ready?


4 Signs that Your Wi-Fi Needs Improvement 

In a smart home, so much of the performance relies on the home networking. If you want to watch streaming 4K picture, while someone in another room listens to the whole home audio, you’re going to need a robust system. As you connect more devices and smart technologies to your home’s Wi-Fi over time, the load only becomes more difficult to bear. Here are a few signs that you need to upgrade your Kansas City, MO home’s Wi-Fi. To learn more continue reading.