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Elevate Your Home for the Holidays with Motorized Shades

Bring the Power and Elegance of Hunter Douglas Motorized Shades to Your Kansas City, MO Home

Elevate Your Home for the Holidays with Motorized Shades

Installing motorized shades into your Kansas City, MO home goes beyond a beautiful and stylish window treatment. They make your life more convenient and help you conserve energy and save money.

Form and function blend together with motorized window treatments from our partner Hunter Douglas. They not only cover your windows to protect your privacy and interior furniture from UV rays, but they can also improve the acoustics in rooms and offer reliable convenience.

Keep reading to discover a few of the Hunter Douglas window treatment solutions you can install into your home just in time for the holidays.

TAGS: Motorized Blinds | Motorized Shades

How to Start Your Home Theater Installation

Discover the Perks of Working with a Professional Home Theater Installer from the Beginning

How to Start Your Home Theater Installation

With everyone spending more time at home than ever before, homeowners have taken this opportunity to create the smart home of their dreams. One of the most luxurious additions you could bring to your Kansas City, MO space is a home theater.

The varying components of a home theater installation could make taking on this project alone very overwhelming. In this blog post, we’ll dive into a few ways hiring a professional installer can make the processes easier and how integrating home theater control into your smart home system can help you get the most out of your home theater.

TAGS: Home Theater Installation | Home Theater Systems

A Day in the Life with a Lighting Control System

Get a Taste of What Life Would Look Like with a Lighting Control System in Your Home

A Day in the Life with a Lighting Control System

The lighting in your home plays more of a role in your life than you might think. Lights that are too bright may cause headaches, not having adequate lighting may disrupt your productivity and energy, and not controlling the intensity of the lights in your room before bed may make it harder to fall asleep.

Installing a lighting control system in your Kansas City, MO property gives you the power and control you need to elevate your home life. Curious to see what a day in your life would look like with smart lighting? Keep reading to find out.

TAGS: Lighting Control | Smart Home Automation

Winterize Your Home with Smart Home Security!

Winterize Your Home with Smart Home Security!

When fall arrives, homeowners all around the Kansas City, MO, area think ahead to the winter. Usually, what comes to mind is sealing up windows or perhaps decorating for the holidays. But smart home security offers some additional comfort and convenience that you need more of during winter months. Winter poses some unique threats that you should be aware of, even some that people might not guess.

If you’re curious to see how security fits into preparing for winter, keep reading! We’ll offer three ways security and surveillance help you weather the colder season and holidays, armed with the ultimate peace of mind.

TAGS: Home Security Installation | IC Realtime | Luma NVR | Surveillance Cameras