Elevating Safety with Luma’s Residential Security System


Enhance your home security with Luma’s new AI-powered surveillance options

Residential security systems that offer peace of mind and intelligent protection are now more important than ever. In the suburbs of Overland Park, KS, homeowners prioritize the safety and security of their families and properties with Luma. With its cutting-edge technology, Luma has outpaced its competitors and revolutionized how homeowners perceive and experience security. 
Applause Custom Sight & Sound specializes in installing security cameras for homeowners in Overland Park. Read more below about how to protect your Kansas home with today’s new AI-powered security options.

Experience Effortless Communication with Josh.ai

woman in kitchen using a Josh.ai voice assistant.

Josh.ai Sets the Standard of Excellence for Voice-Controlled Smart Homes

Have you considered the effortless potential of directing your smart home using voice commands? If the idea of voice-controlled technology makes you feel uneasy, it’s time to give Josh.ai a try. 

We recognize there have been concerns about security and privacy with voice assistants. But rest assured, Josh.ai is different. Known for its innovative approach, Josh.ai provides a secure, intuitive, and sophisticated voice option that eases daily routines while ensuring your data remains private.

Continue reading to learn why more homeowners near Kansas City, MO, are choosing Josh.ai for their voice-controlled smart homes.

Explore the Incredible World of Lutron Lighting Control

Lutron lighting in a living room overlooking a city.

Experience Stunning Illumination that Changes with One Touch

At Applause Custom Sight & Sound, our custom smart home automation systems have delivered extreme convenience to homes in Kansas City, MO, for over 20 years. From beautiful high-resolution touchscreens, elegant keypads, mobile devices, and your voice, you effortlessly control your security, entertainment systems, climate, lighting, and beyond. 

While these integrations offer a remarkable difference in everyday living, one of the most life-changing is Lutron lighting control. Let’s explore how this system works and the benefits it brings. 

Why Choose a High Fidelity Sound System for Your Home?

A floorstanding JBL loudspeaker next to a wall.

Enhance Home Audio Experiences With Revel and JBL

The quality of a high fidelity sound system is something you should experience at least once in your life — there is nothing comparable. High-quality audio can elevate your enthusiasm for any song, movie, or game. With piercing clarity and detail, you’ll be left speechless by an extraordinary experience that immerses you in the moment. Let Applause Custom Sight & Sound show you how a high fidelity sound system from leading brands like Revel and JBL can make this happen. Continue reading to learn more about the difference a high fidelity sound system can make for your Kansas City, MO, home audio.