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Why Your Restaurant Needs Commercial Automation

Discover how smart technology can enhance operations at your bar or restaurant

Why Your Restaurant Needs Commercial Automation

A lot goes into running your bar or restaurant. You have to manage your finances, ensure that your food is high-quality, market yourself, manage employees… the list goes on and on. Simplifying key processes is important to saving time and reducing stress. Smart technology is a fantastic way to automate tasks, allowing your employees to concentrate on providing the best possible services to your customers. Discover three key commercial automation technologies that will streamline the management of your Overland Park, KS area bar or restaurant.

TAGS: Commercial audio-video | commercial lighting

Speed Up Your Home Networking System With Wi-Fi 6

The latest in wireless technology brings convenience to your home with reliable speeds

Speed Up Your Home Networking System With Wi-Fi 6

Smart technology has become a vital part of any home. Whether you have a one-room audio setup or a complete home automation system, your home network is the foundation of your smart home. Ensure that your networking system is reliable, fast, and evenly covers your home with an upgrade to the latest in wireless technology. Wi-Fi 6 brings faster speeds and supports more devices for a truly robust smart home experience. Read on to learn why your next home networking upgrade in Kansas City, MO, should be a Wi-Fi 6 router.

TAGS: home networking installation | Wi-Fi 6

Gain Peace of Mind with Control4 Home Surveillance

Protect Your Property with Smart Technology Solutions That You Can Access from Anywhere

Gain Peace of Mind with Control4 Home Surveillance

As technology evolves, your home security system should evolve, too. Smarter security solutions allow you to access your home’s technology from anywhere in the world. Plus, when your locks, lights, home surveillance system, motion sensors, and more are connected under one system, you can bolster home security even more.

A Control4 system does this for you by orchestrating all your critical security devices and allowing you to monitor and manage everything from one interface—no matter where you are. Keep reading to learn how Control4 will protect your property in Overland Park, KS.

TAGS: Control4 | Home Security

Key Smart Technologies That Will Upgrade Your Home Theater

Work with a Home Theater Company to Create a Truly Immersive Experience

Key Smart Technologies That Will Upgrade Your Home Theater

Your home theater is your sanctuary. After carefully designing the perfect setup for you and your family, it is time to consider other essential devices besides the display and sound system that will enhance your movie experience. Lighting, shades, and a fiber optic star ceiling will take your cinema to the next level.

Add these vital smart technologies to your dedicated cinema by working with a home theater company in Kansas City, MO like our team at Applause Custom Sight & Sound! Keep reading to learn how these solutions will enhance your entertainment experience.

TAGS: home theater design | home theater installation