3 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Motorized Shades

Renew your motorized shades and keep enjoying comfort and luxury in your home!

Having motorized shades in your home is one of the best ways to bring more convenience and beauty to your spaces. There comes a time, however, when your window treatments just can’t keep providing the luxurious experience you and your family deserve. 

If that happens, don’t worry! That is just a sign you need to contact the experts at Applause Custom Sight & Sound to upgrade your home’s shading. Want to know more? Keep reading our blog to learn three important signs you need to renew the window treatments at your Kansas City, MO, home!

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Enjoy Home Entertainment in Every Area of Your House


Bring the fun of your media content to every corner of your home with audio-video distribution!

Home entertainment is one of the most important features of any luxury home. After all, what’s the use of having such an elegant, smart home if you can’t have any fun in it? You can seamlessly add a festive touch to your spaces with audio-video distribution and elevate your everyday activities. 

In today’s day and age, home technology has reached such high levels that you can achieve high-definition pictures and realistic surround sound, whether you are snuggling up in your home theater or out in the pool drinking a piña colada. However, you should remember that not just any device or installation will do. 

Keep reading this blog to learn more about how Applause Custom & Sights can enhance your home's indoor and outdoor spaces in Overland Park, KS, with our AV distribution systems.

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What Does It Really Mean to Have a Smart Home?


Learn how a Control4 system can fill your life with luxury and convenience!

It seems like everyone’s talking about smart home technologies nowadays. Every day you see more and more homeowners integrating fancy systems and making their homes "smart.” But what does it really mean?

A smart home is a residence where you can completely customize your surroundings to create an experience that satisfies your needs. Our experts can help you achieve this luxurious lifestyle by integrating a Control4 system. By giving it a simple voice command or tapping a button on a touch panel or your smartphone’s app, you can manage every area of your home and design an environment where you and your family feel comfortable, happy and inspired. 

Keep reading our blog to learn some of the main features you can manage with our Control4 solutions to elevate your Parkville, MO, home.

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The Top Outdoor Audio Challenges to Tackle This Summer


Tackle the challenges of outdoor audio and elevate your summer fun with our world-class solutions!

During the summer, music and fun go hand in hand. By playing your favorite songs, you can enhance your gatherings and quickly set the mood to have a good time. 

However, if you plan to host outdoor get-togethers, you may face some audio challenges. After all, audio equipment does work or sound the same outdoors as it does inside. But don’t worry; Applause Custom Sight & Sound is here to help!

With our outdoor speaker system solutions, you can enjoy high-definition sound in and out of your Olathe, KS home and extend the fun of your living areas. Keep reading this blog to learn more about these outdoor audio challenges and how we can help you overcome them.

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