Explore What It Means to Live in a Customized Smart Home

A wall with a Control4 touchscreen looking into a bedroom with a Control4 platform on the TV.

Your Local Control4 Dealer Creates the Smart Home of Your Dreams!

The average modern day home is typically composed of an array of smart devices that are smart individually, often requiring their own app for control. The ultimate smart home experience requires a control system that serves as the backbone to truly simplify and unite all your devices into one easy-to-use, one-touch system. The control system provides cross-platform communication between thousands of different smart devices to allow whole-home control through one single app.  

Today’s smart home in Overland Park, KS, performs your daily routines, creates the perfect setting for the many events and moods that make up your life, and manages your home’s smart systems with one tap of a button on a Control4 keypad or a voice command through a Josh.ai system. It’s not just smart; it’s intelligent.

As a Control4 dealer, Applause Custom Sight & Sound partners with this leading home automation platform to ensure our clients receive the best customized solutions available. Let’s explore what it means to live in a smart home today.

A Day in the Life of Full Smart Home Control Using Just Your Voice!


This is what your life could look like with the convenience of complete home automation and voice control

Imagine a home where every moment is perfectly customized to satisfy your every need. A place where, from the moment you wake up, you can effortlessly adjust your surroundings to match your mood or activities for the day. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? With Applause Custom Sight & Sound, you can make it come true!

As a Control4 dealer, we can help you set up high-tech solutions to seamlessly control your home, even using just your voice. Keep reading to learn more about what your lifestyle could look like with home automation solutions and voice control.