Why You Need Whole-Home Audio for the Big Game


Hear every play in crystal-clear detail with a high-end multi-room audio system

The Super Bowl is fast approaching as the NFL playoffs narrow down who will play in the championship game. If you’re hosting a game-day party, one way to ensure that everyone can hear every play is to install a multi-room audio system that distributes your TV audio to every room of your home!

And while it might be too late to upgrade your entertainment system for this year’s game, it’s not too late to upgrade for the rest of your anticipated sports parties in 2022! Keep reading to learn three ways that a whole-home audio system will improve your game day experiences in Kansas City, MO.

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3 Reasons You Need An Outdoor TV For Outdoor Entertainment


Indoor televisions are not suitable for use outdoors

Summer is here and you are likely spending more time outside. Planning an outdoor space is a lot of work, but when you partner with a professional outdoor entertainment specialist, building your dream backyard is a breeze. One crucial component of your design is your outdoor television. Some might try to use a television constructed to be used indoors, but this is a bad idea. Read our latest blog to learn three reasons that you need to use an outdoor TV for your outdoor entertainment setup in Kansas City, MO.

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