3 Reasons You Need An Outdoor TV For Outdoor Entertainment


Indoor televisions are not suitable for use outdoors

Summer is here and you are likely spending more time outside. Planning an outdoor space is a lot of work, but when you partner with a professional outdoor entertainment specialist, building your dream backyard is a breeze. One crucial component of your design is your outdoor television. Some might try to use a television constructed to be used indoors, but this is a bad idea. Read our latest blog to learn three reasons that you need to use an outdoor TV for your outdoor entertainment setup in Kansas City, MO.




Just because your television will be under a patio and out of the rain, does not mean it will survive the elements. Even a small amount of water will destroy an indoor TV. If it becomes windy and rainy, your TV is out of luck. Water isn’t the only threat to your TV. Bugs, humidity, and high temperatures are all potential concerns. These are all serious concerns, as these threats are a natural part of summer. An outdoor television is built to withstand the harsh elements and will last you for years to come.


One way that outdoor TVs differ significantly from indoor TVs is brightness. Indoor televisions are not designed for bright sunlight. Indoor televisions are too dim to use outdoors when the sun is out, even if you put it in a shaded area. An outdoor TV is much brighter than an indoor one and can be used in various lighting conditions, from the sunniest part of the afternoon to under a shaded patio. Enjoy 4K detail while lounging by the pool or grilling on your porch!


The placement of your television is also an essential factor. You have already invested in a beautifully landscaped yard and pool, so why would you settle for a television limited to being close to your home? If you choose the right model, an outdoor TV can be installed anywhere in your backyard, from your pool to your garden. Get the most out of your yard with a television that is not tethered to your home!

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