Why a Dedicated Home Cinema Beats Going to the Theater


Why a Dedicated Home Cinema Beats Going to the Theater

Everyone loves the experience of seeing a movie on the big screen, but few people like dealing with the crowds and expensive snacks. What if you could go to the movies without actually going to the movies? A home theater will give you all the benefits of going to the theater without having to deal with the negatives. Read our blog to learn why installing a dedicated home cinema beats going to the movies in Leawood, KS.


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It’s Expensive

Going to the movies is expensive. You have to buy the ticket, the price of which is continuously rising, but you also have to buy snacks for everyone. This can drive up the cost exponentially, and for a family with children, the cost of going to a movie can get up to $100 for one trip. Over time this cost will build. Installing a dedicated cinema is a one-time cost, and best of all, you can bring your own snacks that don’t cost a fortune. Say goodbye to $10 popcorn!

You Have Limited Choices

Binge culture has become mainstream in the past several years as Netflix and Hulu make it easy to marathon your favorite movies and TV shows all in one sitting. Doing this in a commercial movie theater isn’t practical or even possible. But with a home theater, you can enjoy all your favorite content in a big-screen setting! Your home theater will not be limited to just the latest releases. Enjoy your favorite Blu-Rays and access all your streaming subscriptions, or even use your cable package to watch your favorite shows! With a home theater, the choices are endless.

It’s Inconvenient

Imagine being able to get out of bed, walk across the hallway, and enter a luxury cinema: all in your pajamas. Doesn't that sound so much better than researching movie times and driving to the nearby theater? You can choose what movies you want to watch and when you want to watch them, and you can pause the film if you're going to get snacks or run to the bathroom. A home cinema is far more convenient than a commercial cinema, and you have complete control over every aspect of the movie-watching experience.

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