What Television Is Best for My Outdoor Entertainment Space?


Our technology professionals break down three of our favorite brands of outdoor displays

If you are considering upgrading your outdoor living space with a TV, you might be wondering how to select the best model for your property. There are many things to consider: brightness, size, whether it performs best in the shade versus sun, durability, and more. Our experts have broken down three of our favorite display brands to use in outdoor entertainment spaces. Read on to learn three outdoor television brands that will revolutionize how you experience outdoor entertainment in Overland Park, KS.



SunBriteTV is a leader in crafting outdoor televisions that can withstand the harshest weather conditions while still delivering the best performance possible. All of their televisions are enclosed with sealed aluminum casings to keep out bugs, dust, and water. In addition, each port is designed to protect its components, such as a streaming device like Roku or Amazon Fire. Their 4K Ultra HD models range in size from 43 to 75 inches and come in full shade, partial sun, and full sun options.

Most flat-panel televisions do not have the space to house high-quality speakers, which are necessary for outdoor use as ambient noise and wide-open spaces are acoustic nightmares. Luckily, SunBriteTV offers soundbars constructed with the same aluminum weatherized casing that mount precisely above or below your display for audio quality that is unmatched.

Séura Displays

Another outstanding choice for outdoor entertainment systems is Séura outdoor TVs. The Ultra Bright series comes in three models that feature 4K and HDR and range in size from 55 inches to 86 inches. The 1000-nit brightness ensures that you can enjoy every detail without the sunlight washing it out, and the TVs are crafted to withstand temperatures from –40° to 140°F and harsh weather conditions.

Séura also offers a high-performance 60-watt 2-channel soundbar as a perfect complement to their Ultra Bright Series TVs. In addition, the soundbar utilizes powerful amplifiers to combat ambient noise and produce the powerful sound levels needed for outdoor use.

The Samsung Terrace

Finally, Samsung offers a competitive partial sun outdoor television: The Terrace. Enjoy Samsung’s proprietary QLED technology in the comfort of your porch or patio. With a remarkable 2000-nit brightness, this 4K display is three to six times brighter than your traditional indoor television, and IP55 rated high-quality housing and materials protect it from rain, snow, humidity, pests, and more. Choose from 55", 65", and 75" sizes for a vivid and clear image.

All TVs from these brands can be connected to an outdoor sound system for immersive audio that evenly envelops your entire property. Our experts will carefully place each speaker to ensure there are no dead zones and that the sound doesn't bother your neighbors. Then, with just the tap of a button, you can adjust the volume, change the playlist, or switch between your TV audio and music. Finally, integrate your outdoor speakers with your indoor ones for centralized control under a Control4 home automation system! In our next blog, we will go over the benefits of a dedicated outdoor sound system.

Applause Custom Sight & Sound is here to help you create the perfect outdoor entertainment space. For a free consultation, please contact us at (913) 498-1183, use the live chat box below, or fill out our contact form. We would love to hear from you!


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