Picking the Right SunBriteTV Outdoor Entertainment System


Discover which TV model is right for your outdoor space in Kansas City


SunBriteTV is a leader in outdoor televisions for a good reason. All their televisions are made from powder-coated aluminum for durability against snow, rain, humidity, insects, dust, and more.

All TV models can also be partnered with a SunBriteTV outdoor soundbar for an enhanced and immersive audio experience.

But there are some differences between models. Read on to discover which outdoor entertainment display from SunBriteTV is a good fit for your outdoor media area in Kansas City, MO: The Veranda Series, Signature Series, or Pro 2 Series.



Full Shade

The SunBriteTV Veranda Series TVs are designed to be up to 50% brighter than indoor TVs to provide the same performance quality of an indoor TV in a shaded outdoor environment in temperatures from -24 to 104° F. These 4K UHD displays range in size from 43 to 75 inches, and, like all SunBrite models, utilize a weatherproof aluminum case to protect from extreme temperatures, rain, humidity, dust, and bugs. In addition, the Veranda Series comes with a warranty for normal use for one year.

Partial Shade

The SunBriteTV Signature series is the perfect choice for areas with partial sun, such as a covered porch or patio where there are alternating partial sun and shade conditions throughout the day. The OptiView feature includes pre-configured settings that adjust for daytime and nighttime usage, and the 4K UHD display is up to three times brighter than indoor TVs. The Signature Series has a commercial-grade antiglare screen for a clear viewing experience and can handle temperatures from -24 to 122°F. In addition, the Signature Series comes with a warranty for normal use for two years.

Full Sun

The SunBriteTV Pro 2 Series is designed for full sun applications, such as out by the pool. These TVs use Enhanced Solar Tolerance technology to ensure optimal performance, and the aluminum enclosure protects it from sunlight and water. Their 4K UHD display is up to four times brighter than an indoor television. The Pro 2 Series also features antiglare technology and delivers bright, high-contrast, colorful picture even in direct sunlight. Additionally, it can withstand temperatures from -24 to 122°F. The Pro 2 Series comes with a warranty for normal use for two years.


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