Bring Your Outdoor Area to Life with Revel Landscape Speakers


Enjoy High-Fidelity Music Throughout Your Backyard

Spring is upon us, and with it comes weekends and afternoons spent in your outdoor spaces in Mission Hills, KS. Are you ready to make this the best season yet?

One of the features that transform backyards is music. Not just any music, but the kind that fills the air. Creating this kind of immersive sound in your backyard requires the right equipment. With strategically placed high-fidelity landscape speakers designed for the elements, you can construct an immersive sound field, even without walls and ceilings to contain it.

At Applause Custom Sight & Sound, we are long-time audio-video enthusiasts with a passion for home automation and technology that makes our clients’ lives easier and more enjoyable. To accomplish this, we partner with best-in-class brands. One of these brands for outdoor audio is Revel.

Revel loudspeakers are world-renowned in the audio industry for their precise sound reproduction that promises audio as the creator intended. When they came out with landscape speakers, they delivered their award-winning sound to the great outdoors.

Learn more about Revel speakers for your outdoor audio enjoyment below.

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Revel Extreme Climate Landscape Speakers

Revel’s outdoor speakers are built to withstand the harshest environments, including heat, rain, snow, dust, and saltwater. Aluminum dome tweeters offer crystal-clear high-resolution sound, while low-distortion cone woofers provide powerful, deep bass.

Our certified audio technicians will strategically place Revel’s landscape satellite speakers throughout your outdoor space. By placing them at the perimeter and pointing them toward your home, we create a soundstage that envelops the listener without disturbing neighbors.

Revel Extreme Climate Bollard Speakers

Bollard speakers integrate dimmable LED 360-degree downlighting, making them one of few speaker models to combine pristine audio with illumination. These speakers can be integrated along outdoor pathways, throughout the landscape, or mounted on decks, adding beauty and sound to your evening.

The buried subwoofer delivers the deep bass you can feel and comes with an external transformer that looks like a garden rock, blending in seamlessly with your landscape.

Revel Extreme Climate Surface-Mount Speakers

In addition to low-lying architectural speakers and direct burial subwoofers, Revel offers the same flush-mount ceiling and wall loudspeakers identical to their in-house models but designed for the outdoors. These high-performance speakers are ideal for under eaves or on walls, trees, and other structures.

Once their equipment is optimally installed, you’ll be amazed at the sound that surrounds you, whether enjoying an outdoor dinner with friends, spending time by the pool with the family, or gardening.  

Combined with Home Automation

When combined with your home automation system, you can control your backyard sound through the same user-friendly platform as your indoor audio. With one touch on a touchscreen, tablet, or smartphone, you can control your landscape lights and audio, as well as all your indoor connected devices, such as motorized shades, lighting, climate, and more.

Play your favorite streaming playlists or listen to your latest audiobook. You can now enjoy multiple audio sources with one-touch control.

To learn more about bringing Revel outdoor audio to your home or for a free consultation, please contact us at (913) 498-1183, use the live chat box below, or fill out our contact form.


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