Make Your Home More Entertaining with Whole-Home Audio


Enjoy music in every room with a whole-home audio system

Is your music enjoyment limited to just one room of the house? What if you could take an immersive music listening experience with you to every room without being bound to a portable speaker or earbuds?

You can with whole-home audio. A whole-home audio system evenly distributes your tunes to every area of the home, indoors and outdoors, through discreet, high-quality speakers. Read on to discover why your Mission Hills, KS residence needs whole-home audio!


Same Audio in Every Room

A whole-home music system lets you distribute audio all throughout the house from discreetly installed speakers that blend beautifully with your interiors. At the touch of a button from a mobile app, handheld remote, or wall-mounted touchscreen, you can fill your home with your music of choice. Plus, take the music outside when you integrate backyard speakers into your whole-home audio system.

Selected Room Audio

It’s just as simple to play different music in different rooms simultaneously when you upgrade to a whole-home audio system like Control4. For instance, you can use your Control4 touchscreen to play jazz in the kitchen as you make dinner, and your kids can use a Control4 handheld remote to select pop music to play in the backyard—all at the same time. Just use the interface on your controller of choice to select the living area you want to listen in and pick your music or audio source. That’s all it takes!

Personalized Control

With a whole-home audio system like Control4, you can easily create one-tap entertainment scenes that set the mood for any activity at the touch of a button. Beyond music control, a button tap on your Control4 home automation system can adjust the lights, lower the thermostat, close the window shades, and start your preferred playlist overhead. Use the Control4 mobile app, a dedicated Control4 touchscreen, or even a simple voice command when you integrate a voice assistant with your system.

Are you ready to integrate whole-home audio into your Mission Hills, KS residence? Applause Custom Sight & Sound offers the best audio solutions for smart homes. For a free consultation, please contact us at (913) 498-1183, use the live chat box below, or fill out our contact form!


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