Now’s the Time to Plan for Outdoor Entertainment

A backyard with a sitting area and two Séura outdoor TVs, one above a fireplace and another on a wall by the pool.

Ensure the Outdoor Oasis You’ve Been Dreaming About Arrives by Spring 

Thanks to human nature and increasingly jam-packed schedules, we tend to take care of what’s needed only when it’s required. 

Halloween treats, decoration, and party planning—check. 

Scheduling flights for the upcoming holidays—check. 

Creating an outdoor entertainment space for the ultimate enjoyment during warm weather—what? 

We haven’t even broached winter in Mission Hills, KS, and we’re discussing outdoor living? Yes. The promise of warmer weather reminds us of the outdoor oasis we’ve been planning but continually forget to create until it’s too late in the season. There’s always next year, right? Unfortunately, this procrastination is why we miss out on remarkable experiences. 

So, the time to prepare for the ultimate outdoor living space is now! As the leaves transform and snow creates a winter wonderland, it’s time to plan for our beautiful upcoming spring. And as soon as the weather lets up, your outdoor entertainment retreat will be ready for hangouts with friends and family.

Let’s explore some of the most exciting outdoor entertainment options our team can work on during the off-season.

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Outdoor TVs

There was a time when outdoor TVs were limited to patios with custom paneling for protection from the elements. Times have changed. Today's high-performance outdoor TVs offer crystal clear, brilliant images visible in shady and direct sunlight locations. These impressive displays can be found on patios, decks, and even next to the pool. 

Applause Custom Sight & Sound partners with industry leaders like Séura and SunBrite to ensure your upgraded exterior spaces are spectacular.

These TVs are up to three times brighter than indoor TVs, ensuring the best picture even on the sunniest days. They come in varying options ideally suited to different outdoor areas, from full shade to intense sun, and 4K UHD resolution ensures vivid pictures in breathtaking colors.

Engineered with the great outdoors in mind, these displays can withstand extreme weather, including rain, snow, dust, humidity, and extreme temperatures. Our team will also find the perfect-sized display for your unique outdoor space, with Séura offering outdoor TVs up to 85 inches and SunBrite coming in close behind with 75-inch displays. 

Outdoor Audio   

Outdoor audio options have seen tremendous advancements in the last decade, transforming from one-directional under-eave and Bluetooth speakers to landscape speakers that deliver even sound coverage throughout your backyard! Our trusted partner, Sonance, is well known as one of the leading brands in the architectural speaker category, delivering premium audio performance to discerning homeowners.

The Sonance Landscape Series blends seamlessly with your outdoor design, with speakers that look like landscape lights, camouflaging seamlessly. Wide-dispersion grilles deliver even coverage and optimal acoustic performance, whether sitting by the fire pit or poolside. In-ground subwoofers provide the bass essential in the detailed reproduction of your favorite music and the sound effects in blockbuster films. You can enjoy the immersive surround sound experience in your outdoor areas through strategic placement and expert calibration.  

We’re Your Trusted Outdoor Partner

We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible in today’s outdoor entertainment. To learn more about the many options or for a free consultation, please contact us at (913) 498-1183, use the live chat box below, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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