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Learn why SunBrite and Seura are Ahead of the Game

With the summer getting into full swing, you can bring the entertainment outside to your Mission Hills, KS backyard and patio with top-notch outdoor TVs! But which televisions are the best, and which ones can provide the right performance for your outdoor spaces? In this blog, we dive into two of our favorite brands, Seura and SunBrite, and show why both of these are recommended for your home.


SunBrite: 3 Shading Options

The best part about a SunBrite TV is that no matter where you decide you want yours placed, there is a type of TV for any specific outside spot. SunBrite offers three different options:

Veranda Series: This TV is for fully-shaded areas in your yard. If you want to enjoy your media in a screen porch, patio, or sunroom, the Veranda Series Full-Shade is right for you. Featuring a 4K HDR UDH screen and a direct LED backlight, the TV is 50% brighter than the average indoor one.

Signature Series: The Partial Sun Signature Series from SunBrite is for the in-between outdoor spaces. Best for high ambient light areas, such as partially-covered patios, porches or pergolas in your backyard, its anti-glare 4K UHD holds up in the stray, intense sunrays. It’s 3x brighter than most indoor televisions – so this series can take on quite a bit.

Pro Series: Want to swim in the pool and watch a movie at the same time? It’s best to place the Pro Series in Full Sun areas like the pool, grill, and other outdoor spaces that you actively hang out. It’s heat-resistant screen has a protective tempered glass shield that can take the full power of the sun, and by being 3x brighter than standard indoor TVs, you’ll never miss a single scene due to the sun.

Seura: High-End Performance and Design

Seura also offers different options for both shaded and sunny areas in your backyard, but their TV and soundbar designs are sleek in appearance and modern in how they blend in seamlessly with your aesthetics. Want to get a massive screen that feels like you're at the theater? Their screens are available up to 86 inches.

Their vivid 4K UHD and HDR technology screens produce incredible images, while the Seura soundbars deliver 3x the power of other TV speakers. You can experience your favorite films and shows in the highest quality available – Seura provides the ultimate performance.

Both the SunBriteTV and Seura outdoor televisions can withstand any type of weather or storm, such as rain, hail, sleet, and snow – and every extreme temperature. Never worry that flooding or a splash from the pool will damage your screens; you’re free to experience everything these high-end outdoor televisions have to offer without stress.

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