3 Ways Motorized Blinds Can Help Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Maximize Energy Efficiency with Solutions from QMotion

As we enter the middle of summer, the days are only growing hotter. This season is perfect for outdoor activities like poolside parties and al fresco dining, but it’s certainly no friend to your electricity bill.

Keeping your drapes and blinds closed to prevent solar heat gain is one way to maintain a cooler home during the summer months, but it also means you can’t enjoy the benefits of natural light or the beautiful views of your outdoor spaces. So, what’s the solution?

Save energy while preserving natural light and exterior views by replacing the manual window treatments in your Overland Park, KS home with motorized blinds and shades instead. Keep reading to learn how motorized window treatments can help you keep a cooler home.

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Designed with Energy Efficiency in Mind

Motorized roller shades from top manufacturers like QMotion are specifically designed to complement your home décor while simultaneously helping you save energy. Available in a wide variety of fabrics and colors, QMotion window treatments also range in openness factor, or transparency, so you can lower your shades to block out heat and damaging UV rays without omitting natural light or completely shielding yourself from outdoor views.

Consider roller shades with a high openness factor for high-traffic rooms in your home, like your family room and kitchen, and select low-openness or even blackout roller shades for your media room and bedroom. No matter the opacity level, your window treatments will still prevent solar heat gain while enhancing your interior design.

Lift and Lower with One-Tap Commands

You may be thinking, “Manual shades come in a variety of transparency levels, too.” While that’s true, motorized shades also offer an unparalleled level of control you simply can’t get with standard window treatments.

Think of all the windows in your home. How many of them face east? How about west? Particularly in the summer, the east- and west-facing areas of your home absorb a ton of heat. Instead of remembering when and where to lower shades around your home for optimized energy efficiency, simply use your preferred smart device to control any and every window treatment at the touch of a button.

Whether you want to lift or lower shades in a single room or throughout your entire home, motorized window treatments offer effortless, personalized control from your smartphone, tabletop tablet, in-wall keypad, remote control, or even by voice. You can also schedule your motorized blinds to an astronomical timeclock so they automatically lift and lower with the sun. Talk about total hands-off control.

Integrate with the Rest of Your Smart Home

The power of motorized blinds doesn’t stop at one-tap control. When you integrate your motorized window treatments with your home automation system, you can maximize energy efficiency even more.

With a robust smart home system like Control4, you can create a command that simultaneously lowers your shades, sets your thermostat to eco-mode, and turns off your lighting in vacant areas. Similarly, if you’re home and want the motorized blinds raised for natural light but also want to prevent direct sunlight from heating certain spaces, you can integrate sunlight sensors that will tell your blinds to lower when it gets too warm.

By integrating your motorized blinds with the rest of your smart home, you can easily connect your lighting, thermostats, and shades to better help you block solar heat gain and keep your home cooler without using too much energy.

Explore your QMotion summer shading options and start saving energy by contacting our team at Applause Custom Sight & Sound today! Fill out our online contact form or send us a live chat below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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