3 Tips for an Unbeatable Outdoor Sound System


Create a Beautiful Backyard Soundscape for Year-Round Entertainment

The perfect backyard oasis goes far beyond landscaping design and your favorite patio furniture. Become the Kansas City home where everyone wants to be by implementing an immersive backyard sound system for enhanced outdoor entertainment this summer and all year long.

Nothing livens a poolside get-together or sets the mood for a Missouri sunset better than music. But before you start researching for the best outdoor sound system, consider the following tips to ensure you don’t install a subpar audio solution.

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Tip #1: Consider the Layout of Your Backyard

Outdoor speakers are certainly not one-size-fits-all. Industry-leading manufacturers offer a wide variety of speakers ranging in size, material, performance, design, and installation to fit unique exterior landscapes for audiophiles and casual listeners alike. Do you want mounted speakers for just your patio, or do you want an immersive terrain sound system that extends to every corner of your backyard? What about poolside speakers? And would you rather have statement speakers that enhance your home’s outdoor décor, or do you want camouflaged speakers that blend perfectly in with your gardens?

There’s a lot to consider when creating the perfect outdoor audio system, but don’t worry: our team at Applause Custom Sight & Sound are AV experts and offer a free consultation to help you design the perfect layout for your backyard so you receive the best possible outdoor audio solution that’s tailored to your needs.

Tip #2: Choose Products that Defy the Elements

Speakers made for the outdoors should withstand extreme temperatures, water, and debris, but for how long? Depending on the quality of speakers you purchase, you may find yourself making expensive repairs and replacing rusty or even nonfunctioning systems altogether because you went with a cheaper option.

That’s why we trust specialty brands like Monitor Audio and Episode, both which offer outdoor speakers that are prepared to brave the elements. Designed with durable materials such as aluminum, polypropylene, and titanium, their outdoor speakers withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit and still deliver crisp, natural sound. Bring on the bugs, humidity, rain, and scorching heat—trusted solutions like Monitor Audio’s Climate 50 speakers and Episode’s Terrain speakers outperform it all.

Tip #3: Create a Sound Field for Contained Listening

Creating impeccable sound in an uncontrolled environment is challenging when you’re uncertain of the best locations to install your speakers and subwoofers. Having fewer walls outdoors means fewer reflections and distortions, so an improperly placed speaker system will quickly wash out your audio.

To ensure you reach every corner of your backyard with crystal-clear sound, create a sound field by lining your perimeter with speakers that face inward and toward your home. Not only will your audio signal grow stronger as it reverberates off your exterior walls, but you’ll keep music from seeping into your neighbors’ properties.

While these tips are an important guide for selecting and installing an outdoor audio system for your home, the considerations don’t stop here. Let our team help you create a beautiful soundscape perfectly tailored to your needs by connecting with us for a free consultation. Simply fill out our online contact form or send us a live chat below now. We look forward to assisting you!

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