Save Money This Winter with Motorized Blinds


Decrease Your Home Energy Use With Insulating Motorized Window Treatments

As the weather turns cold, homeowners' utility bills typically climb to account for the energy used to keep a home warm. Many people know open windows can heat a home during the summer, but did you know they can also let in cold air during the winter? This is because windows are portions of the house that aren’t insulated like walls, so it’s easier for outside air to slip in. In freezing temperatures, your heating system must work overtime to combat this cold air. 

Window treatments are not just stylish ways to cover your home. They also help provide some insulation to your windows and can protect your Kansas City, MO, home from the weather outside. In addition, motorized blinds offer even more energy-saving benefits because of their ease of use and ability to be automated. Keep reading to learn more!

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Insulating Fabrics

When purchasing your motorized shades, you can choose from various fabrics, from sheer to blackout. Honeycomb blackout shades will provide the most insulation but block out all light. On the other hand, sheer shades will allow some natural light to filter in but will provide a layer of protection against the winter chill.

Timed to Protect Your Home

On a snowy day, you may want to open your blinds to enjoy the winter wonderland outside your window. Having your windows open for a little bit won’t greatly affect your home’s heating. When they’re left open for extended periods, though, the cold air starts affecting your home’s ability to stay warm. But it’s easy to get wrapped up in something and forget to close your blinds. That’s why having motorized shades is so convenient.

You can set your shades on a timer to ensure they aren’t left open long enough to affect your home’s heat. Program them to open and close throughout the day so you can still enjoy the natural light and views without sending your utility bill through the roof.

Other Benefits

Automatic window treatments’ ability to save money on your utility bill is one of their most attractive features, but homeowners love motorized shades for various reasons. You can customize your shades with hundreds of options to elevate your home's beauty. They can also be automated to fit your routine, letting in natural light or closing to provide privacy when needed. Plus, they integrate seamlessly with other smart home technology, making controlling your home easier than ever.

Keep your home warm this winter (and cool in the summer!) with stylish and easy-to-use motorized blinds. For help installing them in your Kansas City, MO, home, contact Applause Custom Sight & Sound! We’ll help you pick a system that works for you and take care of the installation process.

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