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Outdoor Televisions and Speakers Transform Your Backyard into a Personal Oasis

Outdoor gatherings have become the new normal due to social distancing guidelines. They will likely continue for years to come as homeowners realize that investing in outdoor audio-video equipment increases their property value and creates the perfect space to entertain large groups of people. To properly enjoy picture and audio outdoors, you need to invest in proper outdoor entertainment equipment that will serve your family for years. Read on to learn more about getting the best outdoor entertainment experience at your property in Kansas City, MO.



Comprehensive Living Spaces

More homeowners want to escape from the hustle of everyday life into their own personal oasis located in their backyard. Creating outdoor living spaces with multiple dedicated areas means that there is a space that fits everyone's lifestyle. Plus, blended indoor and outdoor living spaces add long-term value to properties.

For example, your outdoor space could include a kitchen, grill, and a dining area! You could also have a dedicated area for a family cave—a counterpart of the term man cave—designed to fit many people into a single area. This area can feature outdoor TVs and speakers, comfortable seating, a high-end bar, and a fireplace.

4K HDR Outdoor Displays

Outdoor theaters have become a popular option for watching movies under the stars or hosting the perfect pool party—especially since commercial theaters have closed. SunBriteTVs are a perfect choice for any luxury outdoor entertainment setup. The SunBriteTV Veranda and Signature 2 series feature a 75-inch 4K display model with HDR support for breathtaking contrast and color accuracy. These displays are specifically designed to withstand rain, snow, dust, insects, humidity and extreme temperatures throughout different seasons. Enjoy screen brightness of up to three times the brightness of a standard indoor TV for clear, vivid picture at peak sunlight. Plus, all SunBriteTVs feature a weatherproof media bay with a sealed cable entry system designed to protect all your video sources.

Immersive and Crisp Outdoor Audio

An outdoor entertainment space is not complete without outdoor speakers to create an immersive soundscape. A few casually placed speakers will not provide a satisfactory audio experience. A professional integrator like Applause Custom Sight & Sound will create a custom speaker design that covers your entire property, utilizing zones to place satellite speakers and subwoofers in the optimal locations. There is no need to worry about audio equipment ruining your landscape design. Subwoofers can be buried in the ground for concealed yet powerful sound, and plant or rock speakers can blend with your foliage. Discreet in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are also a good choice for patios and decks.

Transform the way you enjoy your outdoor spaces this season and all year long with dedicated outdoor AV solutions! For a free consultation, please contact us at (913) 498-1183, use the live chat box below, or fill out our contact form. We would love to hear from you!

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