The Impact of Advanced Technology on Conference Rooms


Future-Proof Your Meetings with the Advanced Capabilities of Today’s Conference Rooms!

In Kansas City's thriving commercial landscape, conference room technology has emerged to enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity for businesses across various industries. 

The good news is that Applause Custom Sight & Sound offers a wide range of conference room technology solutions, including video conferencing systems, interactive displays, wireless presentation systems, and software solutions. 

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Video Conferencing Systems Bridge Distances

One key component of conference room technology in Kansas City is videoconferencing systems. These systems empower remote participants to join real-time meetings, breaking geographical barriers and fostering inclusivity. With high-definition cameras and crystal-clear audio equipment, every voice and expression is heard, creating an immersive meeting experience regardless of the participants’ physical presence. This convenience not only enhances efficiency but also relieves you of the travel logistics and other meeting hassles, allowing you to focus solely on the meeting content.  

Interactive Displays Increase Engagement

Interactive displays have revolutionized how ideas are shared and discussed during meetings. Touchscreen monitors allow presenters to annotate, highlight, and manipulate content easily, keeping your audience engaged. Kansas City area companies embrace this technology to encourage collaboration and brainstorming, fostering a culture of innovation within their organizations. This collaborative nature of interactive displays ensures that every participant feels heard and valued, leading to more innovative solutions.

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Illuminate Your Luxury Home Theater Experience with Dramatic Lighting

Home theater with unique lighting elements.

Ways Lighting Can Add Style and Enjoyment to Your Home Cinema Experience

Constructing a luxury home theater is about more than high-quality audio and video, although that’s important. It’s also about creating a luxurious environment in which to enjoy elevated entertainment. This mastery lives in the finite details, in elements like lighting. 

Continue reading to explore how dramatic lighting can inspire the style and enjoyment of your home cinema experiences in and around Kansas City, MO.

5 Ways Home Theater Installers Can Transform Your Space


Upgrade Your Home with Professional Home Theater Installations Today!

For homeowners nationwide, there is no better indulgence than a home theater. For Kansas City residents seeking to elevate their entertainment experience, home theater installers, such as our team at Applause Custom Sight and Sound, offer a world of enhanced cinematic entertainment within the comfort of their own homes. Here are five ways our professional installation team can transform your space and enrich your lifestyle:

Pair Smart Landscaping With Top AV Brands for Outdoor Fun This Spring


Welcome the Warmer Weather With These Outdoor Entertainment Options

As springtime arrives in Kansas City, MO, we look forward to taking our entertainment time outdoors. Say “hello” to warmer weather, greener grass, and April flowers. If you have a beautiful landscape that you’d like to enjoy even more this time of year, consider transforming your backyard with outdoor entertainment solutions. Continue reading to learn how outdoor audio options from brands like Triad and Sonance can pair with smart automation controls from Control4 to help you enjoy the outdoors a little more this spring.

The Powerful Duo: Control4 and Home Automation Services


Explore Living in a Control4 Smart Home with 

Smart home living offers a profound journey, one once unimaginable. As a Control4 Pinnacle Dealer and home automation services provider, our team at Applause Custom Sight & Sound has watched the incredible advancements for over 20 years. 

What started as one-touch control for lighting, shades, climate, security, and entertainment has become much more, an automated ease of living. When Control4 joined forces with, the voice assistant designed for smart homes, the smart home became even more intuitive, effortlessly aligning and meeting needs, sometimes before being asked.

Let’s explore what it means to live in a Control4 smart home with as your assistant.

Enhance Your Home's Beauty with Automated Window Treatments

A woman in a living room looking out picture windows covered by Hunter Douglas motorized blinds.

Explore the Benefits of Daylighting with Smart Shades

Did you know that natural light can reduce stress, improve moods, increase focus, and even lower blood pressure due to its effect on nitric oxide? And yet, as direct sunlight enters our homes, we close the shades, protecting furniture and artwork from damaging UV rays.

According to a U.S. Department of Energy study, 75 percent of us leave them there, missing out on the health benefits natural light brings. At the same time, we're also missing out on reduced energy consumption as natural light is one of the best ambient light sources for our homes. And it's free!

So, how do you let the life-affirming gift of natural light into your home in Kansas City, MO? The answer lies in motorized window treatments. Let's discover how these smart window coverings can help you enjoy natural light just a little more.

5 Ways to Enjoy Whole-Home Audio on a Sunday Afternoon

A woman meditating in her living room with the help of her whole-home audio system.

Make Every Free Moment More Memorable with Music

It’s Sunday afternoon—what do you have on the calendar today? How about a few hours of listening to your whole-home audio system? For homeowners in Overland Park, KS, and surrounding areas, a whole-home audio system can make Sunday afternoons something to savor instead of squander. Enjoy your free moments more when you add music! Continue reading for five ways to enjoy whole-home audio on a lazy Sunday.

Elevating Safety with Luma’s Residential Security System


Enhance your home security with Luma’s new AI-powered surveillance options

Residential security systems that offer peace of mind and intelligent protection are now more important than ever. In the suburbs of Overland Park, KS, homeowners prioritize the safety and security of their families and properties with Luma. With its cutting-edge technology, Luma has outpaced its competitors and revolutionized how homeowners perceive and experience security. 
Applause Custom Sight & Sound specializes in installing security cameras for homeowners in Overland Park. Read more below about how to protect your Kansas home with today’s new AI-powered security options.

Experience Effortless Communication with

woman in kitchen using a voice assistant. Sets the Standard of Excellence for Voice-Controlled Smart Homes

Have you considered the effortless potential of directing your smart home using voice commands? If the idea of voice-controlled technology makes you feel uneasy, it’s time to give a try. 

We recognize there have been concerns about security and privacy with voice assistants. But rest assured, is different. Known for its innovative approach, provides a secure, intuitive, and sophisticated voice option that eases daily routines while ensuring your data remains private.

Continue reading to learn why more homeowners near Kansas City, MO, are choosing for their voice-controlled smart homes.

Explore the Incredible World of Lutron Lighting Control

Lutron lighting in a living room overlooking a city.

Experience Stunning Illumination that Changes with One Touch

At Applause Custom Sight & Sound, our custom smart home automation systems have delivered extreme convenience to homes in Kansas City, MO, for over 20 years. From beautiful high-resolution touchscreens, elegant keypads, mobile devices, and your voice, you effortlessly control your security, entertainment systems, climate, lighting, and beyond. 

While these integrations offer a remarkable difference in everyday living, one of the most life-changing is Lutron lighting control. Let’s explore how this system works and the benefits it brings. 

Why Choose a High Fidelity Sound System for Your Home?

A floorstanding JBL loudspeaker next to a wall.

Enhance Home Audio Experiences With Revel and JBL

The quality of a high fidelity sound system is something you should experience at least once in your life — there is nothing comparable. High-quality audio can elevate your enthusiasm for any song, movie, or game. With piercing clarity and detail, you’ll be left speechless by an extraordinary experience that immerses you in the moment. Let Applause Custom Sight & Sound show you how a high fidelity sound system from leading brands like Revel and JBL can make this happen. Continue reading to learn more about the difference a high fidelity sound system can make for your Kansas City, MO, home audio.

Explore What It Means to Live in a Customized Smart Home

A wall with a Control4 touchscreen looking into a bedroom with a Control4 platform on the TV.

Your Local Control4 Dealer Creates the Smart Home of Your Dreams!

The average modern day home is typically composed of an array of smart devices that are smart individually, often requiring their own app for control. The ultimate smart home experience requires a control system that serves as the backbone to truly simplify and unite all your devices into one easy-to-use, one-touch system. The control system provides cross-platform communication between thousands of different smart devices to allow whole-home control through one single app.  

Today’s smart home in Overland Park, KS, performs your daily routines, creates the perfect setting for the many events and moods that make up your life, and manages your home’s smart systems with one tap of a button on a Control4 keypad or a voice command through a system. It’s not just smart; it’s intelligent.

As a Control4 dealer, Applause Custom Sight & Sound partners with this leading home automation platform to ensure our clients receive the best customized solutions available. Let’s explore what it means to live in a smart home today.

Why You Need Outdoor Home Surveillance Cameras

Protect your family with outdoor home surveillance cameras.

Safeguard Your Kansas City Property and Loved Ones

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a rise in the popularity of the video doorbell. Many homeowners admit they’ve been surprised by activities they can now see outside their doors—a random afternoon visitor, someone driving recklessly down the street, and perhaps a lost pet wandering by. But, even as helpful as video doorbells can be, they simply don’t match the coverage or clarity of outdoor home surveillance

At Applause Custom Sight & Sound, we understand the importance of safeguarding your Kansas City, MO, home and protecting your loved ones from crime. Continue reading to learn why outdoor home surveillance is a wise decision for homeowners.

Crafting Cinematic Moments for Your Family & Friends


Your Guide to Home Theater Bliss

In the ever-progressing world of home entertainment, the quest for an immersive cinematic experience is more prevalent than ever. For Overland Park, KS residents, the journey towards creating cinematic moments in the comfort of their homes is marked by an artful home theater installation. Let’s journey through the key elements that contribute to crafting your own home theater bliss.

The Ways Your Day-to-Day Life Will Change When You Choose Smart Home Lighting

An updated kitchen with hardwood floors and granite countertops, recessed lighting and fixtures hanging above the island, a sliding glass door to the right.

Get the ultimate lighting upgrade from Applause Custom Sight & Sound!

Long gone are the days when you had to fumble for light switches or remember to turn off lights whenever you leave a room. With smart home lighting, your lights will adapt to your needs and preferences. 

Suddenly, daily life becomes more efficient, enjoyable, and eco-friendly. Keep reading to explore the ways your day-to-day life can change when you choose smart lights for your Overland Park, KS, home!

Motorized Shades for Modern Living

A dining room table next to a window with motorized shades.

The Art of Effortless Elegance

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern living, the intersection of technology and comfort continually redefines our homes. One element that seamlessly combines sophistication and convenience is motorized shades. Let's delve into the effortless elegance these shades bring to contemporary living spaces and how they can benefit your home in Overland Park, KS.

4 Ways to Enhance Comfort and Security With Home Lighting Automation

Turning on outside lights in the evening can make your home feel safer.

Update Your Security Features With Smart Home Technology

What's the first thing you do when you hear a noise in the night? Most would say they’d turn on the lights. Lighting can provide a resolution for fear of the unknown. It can also deter a possible criminal, so it makes sense that home lighting automation would be a great addition to your smart home security system.

Continue reading to explore four ways that home lighting automation can enhance the comfort and security of your Kansas City, MO, home.

Elevate Your Home Security with Cutting-Edge Home Surveillance

Managing the security and surveillance at home

Discover How Security Cameras Can Benefit Your Property! 

As we move towards a sophisticated future of integrated smart homes, the importance of security cannot be overstated. The quest for ultimate peace of mind has led us to embrace technological marvels, and one such advancement is home surveillance. 

In Overland Park, KS, Applause Custom Sight and Sound brings you state-of-the-art home surveillance solutions that redefine the way you protect your loved ones and property.

Make This a Championship Football Party to Remember

A living area with a sectional, Sony projector, and a large screen showing a football game above a fireplace.

Your Local Home Theater Company Is Here to Help!

Are you ready for the playoffs? If you’re as much a fan as we are, consider upgrading your home entertainment before the biggest game of the year arrives. Today, the possibilities are nearly endless. From 8K Mini LED TVs to 4K laser projectors, the latest technology delivers extreme detail, stunning colors, and breathtaking realism. Add the latest surround sound system, and you’ll almost feel like you’re at the game rooting on the red and gold. 

As a home theater company serving Kansas City, MO, for over 20 years, we're well-versed in creating spaces that define the best in home entertainment. Let's explore some possibilities and how you can make this the best championship football party yet.

Elevate Comfort and Protect Your Home’s Interior with Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds keep the sun’s glare out of a room when enjoying entertainment.

A Modern and Luxurious Touch for Kansas City Homes 

Did you know that convenience and smart technology go hand in hand? Kansas City residents are quickly discovering the undeniable results of more effortless living after adding motorized blinds to their homes. While often overlooked, automated window treatments offer a modern style and several practical advantages, like safeguarding interior furnishings and reducing energy costs.

Continue reading to explore the benefits of adding motorized blinds to your Kansas City, MO, home. People realize that tasks like adjusting heavy curtains are tiresome as they age. Who wants to battle a tangled mess of cords simply to minimize the distracting glare of the afternoon sun? But the truth is, no matter what room you install motorized blinds in, you’ll benefit from their comfort and automated functionality.