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Integrating Video Walls and Home Automation Leads to the Ultimate Sports Season

Some of the best games of the year will soon be approaching. On February 13, the 56th Super Bowl will take place at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA. Then, just one month later, March Madness begins. Are you ready to make this the best game day season yet?

Many of our clients who are die-hard sports fans turn to a setup created by Control4, a leading smart home company and a pioneer in home automation technology. So let's look at how this company is transforming game days in Overland Park, KS, and around the world.

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The Video Wall

With Control4's video wall, you no longer have to flip through channels, hoping to catch the winning touchdown, only to find out you missed it by just a few minutes as you were watching another 4th down play. Instead, a video wall allows you to customize your viewing, enabling multiple configurations.

One of the most common setups is a video wall of four wall panels, with each screen mounted next to the others. Each panel can be tuned into a different game or playing the same game, creating a giant screen.

The best news is that you won’t need multiple remotes to control video sources, audio, and each separate screen. Control4 makes it simple to manage multiple screens using one remote control or smartphone.

We’ll program your remote to activate the perfect “sports” environment. For example, a "Game Time" button can turn on all the TVs to the game, start the sound system, and change the lighting to the colors of your favorite team.

Our certified technicians can discuss the many options, ensuring your video wall caters to your unique needs and lifestyle. We’ll help you find just the right space for a video wall, whether a home theater, media room, or living room that utilizes hidden technology to ensure the aesthetics of your home remain intact.

After all, while you may relish the thought of a huge video wall in the home, not everyone may express the same enthusiasm. Have no fear. Today’s technology allows us to hide giant video walls behind custom-made panels and paintings, so no one will know it's there until they settle in for kick-off or the opening toss.

The Sound that Surrounds

Of course, no game is complete without the sound that puts you onto the 50-yard line or at center court. So, as experts in audio integration, we'll install and calibrate a surround sound system that fills the air. You'll not only hear the games, but you'll also feel all of the energy of the crowd.

We can also set up a whole-home audio and video system using discrete in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. This ensures you can always hear what's happening in the game, whether you're outside grilling or headed to the kitchen for another snack.

Whole-Home Automation

While this technology is undoubtedly state-of-the-art, it’s when you utilize Control4’s home automation system to its full extent that the magic takes form. We can program the system so that, with one touch on a touchscreen, tablet, handheld remote, or smartphone, the games begin, the lights dim, the blackout shades lower for perfect viewing, and the climate settles into the ideal temperature. We can also get your smart refrigerator and oven into the game-day spirit, ensuring one starts making more ice while the other preheats, preparing to cook up those appetizers.  

Your Support Team

As a Control4 dealer, we not only set you up with an audio-video system that exceeds your expectations, we’re also you’re on-call support team, there for you whenever you need help and to maintain your system long into the future.

At Applause Custom Sight & Sound, we bring the latest technologies to our clients and customize them to create automated and audio-video systems that enhance their daily lifestyles. Are you ready to take your game days and movie nights to the next level? To learn more about video walls and smart home automation, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Applause Custom Sight & Sound today.


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