Make Outdoor Entertainment More Fun with Control4 Home Automation


Create a luxurious living space with outdoor entertainment

With summer around the corner, investing in entertainment for your outdoor spaces can be wise. You can enjoy different entertainment features while soaking up the sun by creating an outdoor home theater, adding a sound system, or even installing an automated pool control system.

While you can add many features, perhaps the most essential one is a home automation system. Control4 home automation, in particular, is an excellent way to add convenience to your outdoor living area. Read on to find out the benefits of using Control4 system to boost the outdoor entertainment in your Mission Hills, KS, residence.

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The Perks of a Custom Outdoor Entertainment System


Enhance your outdoor space with the best sound system experience

Music is one of the greatest ways to bring a joyful ambiance to our home, and this is especially important when we want to share our spaces with our loved ones. Now that spring is here, the days are longer, and the weather is warmer, enhancing our outdoor spaces is a must. By incorporating custom audio control into your outdoor entertainment system, you can create a whole new experience for your guests in your Overland Park, KS home.

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A Day in the Life of Full Smart Home Control Using Just Your Voice!


This is what your life could look like with the convenience of complete home automation and voice control

Imagine a home where every moment is perfectly customized to satisfy your every need. A place where, from the moment you wake up, you can effortlessly adjust your surroundings to match your mood or activities for the day. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? With Applause Custom Sight & Sound, you can make it come true!

As a Control4 dealer, we can help you set up high-tech solutions to seamlessly control your home, even using just your voice. Keep reading to learn more about what your lifestyle could look like with home automation solutions and voice control.

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Make Your Home More Entertaining with Whole-Home Audio


Enjoy music in every room with a whole-home audio system

Is your music enjoyment limited to just one room of the house? What if you could take an immersive music listening experience with you to every room without being bound to a portable speaker or earbuds?

You can with whole-home audio. A whole-home audio system evenly distributes your tunes to every area of the home, indoors and outdoors, through discreet, high-quality speakers. Read on to discover why your Mission Hills, KS residence needs whole-home audio!

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