Elevate Comfort and Protect Your Home’s Interior with Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds keep the sun’s glare out of a room when enjoying entertainment.

A Modern and Luxurious Touch for Kansas City Homes 

Did you know that convenience and smart technology go hand in hand? Kansas City residents are quickly discovering the undeniable results of more effortless living after adding motorized blinds to their homes. While often overlooked, automated window treatments offer a modern style and several practical advantages, like safeguarding interior furnishings and reducing energy costs.

Continue reading to explore the benefits of adding motorized blinds to your Kansas City, MO, home. People realize that tasks like adjusting heavy curtains are tiresome as they age. Who wants to battle a tangled mess of cords simply to minimize the distracting glare of the afternoon sun? But the truth is, no matter what room you install motorized blinds in, you’ll benefit from their comfort and automated functionality. 

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Installing motorized shades in your bedroom will turn your space into a sleeping oasis. You can schedule the blinds to gently rise with the early morning sun to start your day rejuvenated and ready for whatever may come your way. And, at night, when you are beat from the day, you can press a button to lower the blinds instead of fighting with them to close.

Media Room

While aesthetically pleasing, large windows can sometimes be a burden in rooms designed for relaxation or entertainment. It seems the sun’s glare is always right where you don’t want it to be. But, adjusting to the sun's varying phases can become seamless when you have motorized blinds. Simply schedule them to change at specific hours or control them on command using a dedicated app, tablet, or remote.

Living Room

Bright sunny days, though cherished, can sometimes cause damage to your interior belongings. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can fade furnishings, flooring, and valuable artwork. You can protect your home's interior without compromising the view by scheduling motorized blinds to close during the sun's peak hours.

Additionally, direct sunlight can make indoor spaces uncomfortably warm during the warmer months while straining your HVAC system. Motorized blinds are designed to reflect the sun's heat, which can assist in maintaining indoor temperatures more efficiently and reducing utility costs.

Private Spaces: Workout Rooms & Bathrooms

Certain rooms in the house demand privacy. Think of your home gym or bathrooms — the last thing you want after a sweaty workout or getting out of a relaxing bath is to fumble around with manual blinds. With automated options, adjusting these rooms for privacy takes just a button press on a wall-mounted control or a mobile app.

If you’d like to learn more about how motorized blinds can elevate comfort and convenience in your Kansas City, MO, home, get in touch with Applause Custom Sight & Sound. For a free consultation, please contact us at (913) 498-1183, use the live chat box below, or fill out our contact form.

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