Prep Your Home for This Winter – or Any Season


Motorized Shades Provide Top-Notch Insulation

With the colder months quickly approaching, you’ll want to find a way to stay comfortable and snug in your home.  But keeping warm this winter is bound to put the pressure on your HVAC system.

There are multiple places that heat can escape from your house, and either your monthly energy bills are set to increase, or you might be reaching for blankets and coaxing the fireplace to stay warm.

That’s why motorized blinds and shades are the ideal solutions for your Overland Park, KS living space.  You can help insulate your house and better regulate its temperatures.

Keep reading below to see how you can stay focused on the winter and holiday festivities, and not worry about keeping your home’s heat up.




Proper Home Insulation

Wide, floor-to-ceiling windows are an elegant and gorgeous home feature – but they can also make it extremely difficult to keep the right temperature locked inside your four walls.

For summer, the uncovered glass can increase solar heat gain, and create a humid, heated room that can also cause damage to your interiors.  For the upcoming winter, your heating system will be working overtime to keep you warm – only for that heat to escape through your windows.

This is where motorized blinds come into play.  Automated window treatments maintain your home’s temperature at all times.  The denser a piece of fabric is for your shades, the more insulation the blinds will provide.  That’s why heavy curtains do the job well, just as a blanket covering you works – so does a “blanket” over your windows.

Other types of shades can provide insulation as well.  Honeycomb shades are ideal for this and create their own insulation, with pockets of air making up their pleated design.  But other roller shades can make that air pocket as well.  Installing the shades so that there is a considerable gap between the fabric and window will help trap in the heat or the cooler air depending on the season.

Keep a Consistent Internal Temperature

After you’ve chosen your motorized blinds, what can you do to make sure that desired temperature is always on point in your home?  The whole point of this smart solution is to make your daily life easier during any season of the year.

That’s why it’s vital to have temperature sensors and smart thermostats that will integrate with your shades and HVAC system and will communicate with each other when a room gets too cold or warm.

Your blinds will automatically respond by either lowering or raising themselves, depending on temperature and what’s needed to maintain the right level.  As your shades lower, your thermostat can react in turn, raising or lowering just enough according to your blinds’ status.

You’ll stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer – and even reduce solar heat gain.  That’s the power of insulation from automated shades.


Want to learn more about bringing motorized blinds to your Kansas home this upcoming winter?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!


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