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Get the Most Out of Your Home Audio System

Are you looking to listen to your music in a brand-new way throughout your living space? With a whole home audio system, you can bring high-fidelity sound to every corner of your property in the Leawood, Kansas area.

But do you know the ins and outs of home audio – or even just the basics? No need to worry – we’ve got you covered.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the fundamentals of distributed audio and how it can benefit your everyday life and enrichen any event you host for friends and family.

Keep reading below to find out more about integrating audio in your home.




What Exactly is Whole Home Audio?

So, you might have heard the term “whole home audio” or “distributed audio” before, but what does that mean for your property – and for you?

In a nutshell, a whole home audio system consists of many speakers located throughout your house and your property – with the controls all centralized within a single system. This way, you can have your music, playlists, audiobooks, and any type of media available to you in any room and area of your house.

This means you can play a dance song for when you wake up in the morning and have it follow you all the way downstairs and into the kitchen as you make breakfast.

Access virtually any song on streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora or Tidal or play a party playlist for when you have friends over for a cookout or dinner party. Music can stream in your living room and continue to play the same songs as guests walk in and out from the patio.

Relax in the hot tub or unwind right before bed while listening to an audiobook. You can pause and play it with ease, and then pick it back up as you move from one room to another, or even onto the next day.

Whole home audio makes listening to your music and media a breeze. Just check out this short video below to see how simple it is to use a whole-home audio system.




What Rooms Can I Use the System in?

So now that you know whole-home audio means your entire house is your listening destination – does that mean every room can play your tunes?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes – as long as that room can hold your speakers.  But the great news is that there are speaker types of all shapes and sizes for any area of your home – from the laundry room to the basement to even your backyard.

Floorstanding loudspeakers are perfect for a room where you want to sit back and savor the auditory experience – such as in a dedicated listening room or a media room. They deliver top-notch sound and look elegant and sleek.

If you want less obtrusive speakers, bookshelf or cabinet ones are for you. These can fit inside shelves and sit on top of most furniture. Out of the way, they’ll bring you your whole home audio without hindering your interior design or setup.

There also are in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. These are completely invisible, and you can set them up all around you to create a surround sound system every time you listen to something.  These can fit in almost any room and blend seamlessly in with your décor.

If you want to add outdoor speakers to your whole-home audio system, you can select weatherproof ones that either effortlessly integrate with your landscape or can be mounted to the exterior of your house, if you want to listen from your patio or deck. The options are endless.


How Easy is It All to Control?

Managing your home audio system is quite simple – and everyone in the family can do it. With your smart device of choice – whether it be your smartphone, tablet, or in-wall touchscreen panel – you can adjust volume, switch from song to song, search for albums or podcasts, and turn on the entire system with just a press of a button.

You can pass the device around to guests at your party or go unnoticed as you control the system while everyone dines and chats. Whether you’re playing music in the backyard or upstairs, it all can be accessed through one centralized interface - that’s the beauty of distributed audio.


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