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Liven Up your Home Cinema with These Smart Features

When watching your favorite shows and movies, you want the ultimate viewing experience every time.  In order to achieve that, you need a top-notch home theater design for your viewing space.

Want to learn how you can transform your Overland Park, KS private cinema into the best spot for you to host a spectacular movie night for friends and family?

Keep reading below to see which 2018 cinema design trends work for you and your space.




1. Customization: A Home Theater for Any Budget

When you think of dedicated home cinemas, you might picture them inside luxurious mansions and estates.  But home theaters are becoming more common in most homes.

With the ability to personalize your home theater, you get to choose what makes up its décor and design.  It also means you can install your theater system into any room or space.  Convert your basement into the new cinema, or make your den room the entertainment center.

How much high-quality audio and video equipment you install is up to you.  And with brands offering 4K UHD TV screens and projectors in a range of prices, you have the choice over how much a theater will cost you.


2. Multipurpose: Make Your Theater Versatile

Maybe your basement is your current game room, or you don’t want to renovate your family room into a theater area completely.  That’s why the latest trend has been to make a space in your home a multi-purpose media room.

That’s where smart technology and hidden features come into play.  With roll-down screens and projectors, and in-ceiling and in-wall speakers – you don’t have to compromise your room’s aesthetics or décor.

You can incorporate your theater technology into the room, and conceal it or blend it in seamlessly until you’re ready to watch a film or TV show.


3. Incredible Audio: Soundbars

Immersing yourself in a film requires high-performing audio and video in conjunction with each other.  So if you have a 4K resolution screen, then high-end audio is your next step.

Choices for speakers include floor-standing or bookshelf models and some that can hang on walls, as well as unobtrusive in-ceiling and in-wall options that work well with multi-purpose media rooms.

But a less expensive choice is the soundbar.  While in the past, it was considered a downgrade and not much better than a TV’s own speakers, today’s soundbars have surged in popularity and in quality.

They are sleek and hardly noticeable, positioned just below a TV screen – and they can deliver the superb audio for both music and movies.  They’re the ideal choice for those in smaller homes or apartments.

Most soundbars come with a wireless subwoofer, which enable the deep bass sounds needed for movie effects.  The wireless connection makes it easier to locate the subwoofer module in an inconspicuous part of the room.


4. Smart Theater: Access All Your Media

If you’re looking to have all the latest shows and movies always available to you when you sit down to watch something in your theater, then integrating a smart television and system is a must.

You can access streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, and music services like Spotify and Pandora. You can play your favorite artist’s new album or switch between multiple shows with ease.  Watch live television, stream millions of short-from videos from YouTube or access the entire libraries of premium video services like HBO and Showtime.  Your theater space can now deliver just about every form of media you could desire.


5. One Centralized Source: Smart Remotes

Instead of having to go through various remotes of different sizes and purposes, you can use one single smart device to operate your entire home theater system.

Just press a button, and you can set the room’s lights at just the right dimness, lower any motorized shades, adjust the sound system volume, and lower the projector and screen.  It’s that simple.


Want to learn more about how you can elevate your home theater design?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to see the best options to bring to your media space.

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