How to Optimize Your Conference Room’s Audio


Find the Right System for a Room of Any Size

Whether you’re giving an important speech or hosting a teleconference for clients or employees across the globe, it’s imperative that your and audio and video technology works for you, not against you.

You can’t afford glitches or hiccups when it’s a crucial meeting – that’s why having a top-notch commercial audio-video system is essential.  And to make sure your Kansas City, MO conference room has the audio quality needed for productive meetings, you’ll need to take its size into consideration.

In this blog, we’ll go through what is necessary for different-sized rooms and how to best optimize the sound quality for your space.  Keep reading below to learn more.




Smaller Conference Room Audio

If you’re holding a conference or a meeting in a much smaller space, like a huddle room, then your audio won’t need to reach as far as it would with a room filled with 20 people or more.  This setup will generally need less AV equipment and cabling for small groups to collaborate.

Usually, the speakers that come along with whatever type of technology or display you’re using to give a presentation are enough to reach the few people in the room comfortably.  And when you’re on a call with a client, a quality speakerphone will also serve everyone in the room well.

For a video conference streaming from a laptop or onto a projector screen, just so you can ensure everyone hears clearly, bringing in additional mini speakers on the table and mics for your end provide better clarity for all involved. 

It’s relatively easy to provide quality audio in a small area – but what do you need for a conference room that’s much larger?  Read below to find out.


Larger Conference Room Essentials

There’s nothing worse than when a conference room is full of people on an important video call or when you’re giving a huge presentation to a client, and over half the room is straining to hear.

You can avoid distorted or weak sound entirely with the proper audio system installed in your conference room.  A larger space requires different audio solutions and equipment than a huddle room does.

A wireless microphone in the room or a microphone array installed in the ceiling ensures a presenter is heard loud and clear.  And in order for audio to reach the employees sitting closest to the screen and the ones all the way in the back near the doors or at the end of the table, strategically-installed speakers throughout the space are vital.

In-ceiling speakers effectively conceal the technology while evenly distributing audio at the same high-quality to everyone in the room.  There’s no need for anyone to miss out on valuable information or endure uncooperative calls because the room’s audio is poor.  Well-placed, quality speakers are key in bringing the best sound to your large conference room.

And operating your conference room system is a breeze with an integrated automation solution.  Using a smart device or dedicated touchscreen, you can manage speaker volumes, start audio and video calls, and adjust lighting to fit the requirements of the meeting – it’s that easy for you and every employee to use.


Want to learn more about optimizing the audio in your conference room – no matter its size?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us.  Our team would love to hear from you!


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