Elevate Your Lifestyle with Lighting Control Scenes


Let lighting create just the environment you need, whenever you need it

Integrating a lighting control system into your home is all about enjoying a luxurious, comfortable lifestyle. What if you could effortlessly create the atmosphere you need to work, relax or have fun with your friends by simply pressing a button or giving a voice command? That level of convenience is possible with our custom lighting scenes!

Keep reading our blog to learn how you can fully enjoy your everyday life at your Parkville, MO, home with our lighting control solutions.

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3 Reasons to Add Distributed Audio to Your Home


Bring music with you everywhere you go with a whole home audio system

Do you consider yourself an audiophile? A whole-home audio system may just be the solution you’re looking for. It is a crucial component for boosting entertainment in high-end luxury homes. Plus, it helps enhance the listening experience.

A standard audio solution is to add speakers in one dedicated listening room or a home theater to enjoy . But for music lovers, that’s still not enough. If you’re in a similar boat, adding a music system throughout your home is the perfect option for you.

Read on to learn the top 3 benefits of adding distributed audio to your Kansas City, MO, residence.

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Here’s Why You Need an Outdoor TV to Enjoy This Summer


Elevate your backyard fun with an outdoor tv installation!

Summer is just around the corner! Are you looking forward to spending sunny days at the pool, enjoying a drink or two, in the company of your family and friends? Make the most of your summer experience with an outdoor TV installation! Take your home entertainment to the next level and enjoy fun and relaxation as you’ve never experienced before in your Olathe, KS home. Read below to see some unique ways to enjoy your outdoor TV.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Property Safe with Smart Home Security


Incorporate a smart home security system and keep your home and family safe

It’s only natural to want to protect those you love the most. Are you looking to create an environment where your family feels safe, happy, and peaceful? Then it’s time to incorporate a smart home security system!

Applause Custom Sight & Sound experts can help you integrate world-class tech solutions that allow you to maintain your peace of mind and fully enjoy a harmonious lifestyle. Keep reading below to learn more about our solutions to protect your Overland Park, KS, home.

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