Create a Custom Entertainment Experience with a Professional Video Wall Installation


Enjoy All Your Favorite Entertainment at Once with an Integrated System

Home entertainment is great to relax and make some memories with your family. However, your household may not always agree on what to watch, or you may want to enjoy multiple shows, sports, and games, simultaneously. A video wall installation allows you to enjoy multiple videos by crafting a wall full of high-end TVs that provide a beautiful picture, no matter how you use them. Watch sports, movies, shows, or play video games on a display that rivals a cinema’s, plus enjoy the ease of control with an integrated system. Keep reading to see how you could enjoy a video wall in your Kansas City, MO, home.

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All of Your Entertainment at Once

Maybe you want to watch a movie with your family but also want to stay up-to-date on the score of the big game. With a video wall, you never need to choose what entertainment to enjoy! Watch a movie with the family on the main screen, with the game playing in the background on another screen. Or if one child wants to watch TV but another wants to play a video game, they can stream them on different screens, so everyone is happy. Your family can spend quality time together in your media room while enjoying different entertainment.

High-End TVs for Premium Viewing

Your video wall will be crafted from high-end 4K or 8K TVs. Every square inch will be packed with vivid colors and crisp details that will feel like an immersive experience. Plus, our team at Applause Custom Sight & Sound can provide thin, no-bezel TVs that allow you to adjust the position and tilt when they are mounted, so you get a perfect view no matter where you’re sitting. 

Touch of a Button Control 

Imagine being able to tap a button, and your TV turns to your favorite channel, your sound system powers up, and your lights adjust to your preferred setting. With a control system from a company like Control4, all your AV technologies can integrate into one system! Set scenes and preferences so your entire media room or home theater can adjust seamlessly whenever you want to enjoy entertainment on your video wall. You’ll also be able to customize the entire system. You can set certain channels or streaming platforms as favorites to easily access them whenever you want. Queuing up high-end entertainment has never been easier.

Embrace luxury entertainment for the whole family in your Kansas City, MO, home with a video wall today! For professional video wall installation, contact Applause Custom Sight & Sound! We work with leading brands in AV, lighting, automation, and more and can bring premium entertainment solutions to your home.

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