AV Distribution Offers Simple Control of All Your Entertainment


Discover How a Control4 Distributed AV System Will Add Convenience to Your Life

The average number of televisions per household continues to rise and with each tv, you are responsible for all the necessary components to enjoy your favorite media.  Adding a cable box and streaming device to every single tv can become costly and cause clutter. One way to avoid these inconveniences is to invest in a distributed AV system that centralizes your sources and pipes entertainment to any-and-all displays and speakers in your home with ease from one location. 

Discover how AV distribution will simplify control of your entertainment both inside and outside your home in Overland Park, KS.



What Is Distributed AV?

An AV distribution system like Control4 distributes your audio and video content from one discreet location throughout the home, so you no longer need gear in every room (minus the display and speakers). AV distribution from Control4 gives you access to all your media anywhere and everywhere through an intuitive interface. Never again worry about piles of remotes, changing inputs, or finding the right way to adjust the volume. One remote, touchscreen, or smartphone app lets you control every aspect of your entertainment. Put your favorite news source on three televisions across the house as you do chores, migrate your movie night from the home theater to the bedroom, and select the perfect playlist for you and your partner as you relax after a long day of work.

Improve Your Interior Design

Home entertainment has become an expectation for any homeowner, but audio-video equipment can quickly clutter a space. Your music players, amplifiers, streaming devices, cable boxes, video game consoles, and other components are hard to hide, taking focus away from the interior design of your space. An AV distribution system will place all your equipment into a cabinet or closet to remove the clutter. The stowed-away equipment will be properly powered, protected, and ventilated. What’s left to the eye are just sleek TV displays and speakers. Plus, when you use architectural speakers that blend in with your walls and ceilings, the only thing that will be visible is your television. And you can hide that too with hidden technology like motorized lifts, mirror TVs, and more!

Outdoor Entertainment

Your options are not limited to the confines of four walls. Outdoor audio-video components are often overlooked when it comes to installing a distributed AV system. Install a 4K outdoor television and landscape speakers to bring game day and movie night under the stars. Control everything from the same interface you use to control your indoor entertainment, and, if it starts to pour, easily migrate into the family room with just the touch of a button. Best of all, your outdoor components will be weather-resistant, so the only thing you need to worry about keeping dry is yourself.

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