5 Ways Commercial Automation Improves Your Business

A luxury office space equipped with commercial automation.

Increase Business Efficiency with Smart Technology 

It takes a lot of time and mental energy to keep a business running, not to mention to make a growth plan. All your time spent at the office should be focused on your clients, employees, and the overall health of your Leawood, KS, business. It shouldn’t be spent managing every tiny detail of your office or other commercial space. That’s why Applause Custom Sight & Sound helps businesses automate and streamline daily tasks with commercial automation technologies. Check out these five solutions Applause can bring to your business and see how they improve day-to-day operations.

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1. Whole-Building Control

You walk into your business in the morning, and instead of walking around to flip on switches, turn on TVs, and unlock all doors, you can take your touchpad control device and do it all instantly with the touch of a button. Commercial automation systems allow you to do all that and more from just one interface. You can even program your opening and closing routine to happen automatically or at the touch of one button. 

2. High-Speed Internet

Whether you run a large office or a local restaurant, many of your systems rely on a stable internet connection. Applause can install a secure, fast network with enough bandwidth for all your technology. Your internet will reach every corner of your business space and be ready for browsing, video calls, or any software your business needs.

3. Adjustable Lighting and Shading

Your business space needs to feel welcoming for clients and employees alike. Adjustable lights can ensure your lighting is always optimal for employee happiness and productivity. Plus, motorized shades can let in ample natural light to keep spirits high and appeal to any customers that might walk through your doors. 

4. Multimedia Integration and Control

Run TVs and speakers throughout your business space to create a welcoming environment or keep your employees informed about world events or business updates. You can easily control all your media from your control dashboard, including input, volume, and more. 

5. Streamline Video Conferencing

In today’s world, remote and hybrid work is extremely common and likely here to stay. Keep your business competitive with conference room technology that makes video meetings easier than ever. Applause can provide everything from microphones and cameras to distributed audio to ensure your hybrid meetings run just as seamlessly as they would in person.

Don’t waste precious minutes of your workday messing with technology and managing your Leawood, KS, commercial space! Contact Applause Custom Sight & Sound and learn about all the benefits of commercial automation. Whether you run an office, a retail store, a restaurant, or another business, we have smart technology solutions that can make running your business easier. 

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