Why Your Restaurant Needs Commercial Automation


Discover how smart technology can enhance operations at your bar or restaurant

A lot goes into running your bar or restaurant. You have to manage your finances, ensure that your food is high-quality, market yourself, manage employees… the list goes on and on. Simplifying key processes is important to saving time and reducing stress. Smart technology is a fantastic way to automate tasks, allowing your employees to concentrate on providing the best possible services to your customers. Discover three key commercial automation technologies that will streamline the management of your Overland Park, KS area bar or restaurant.



Commercial Audio-Video

Your restaurant's layout likely has different areas for different purposes, and that means that you need more than a one-size-fits-all audio solution. Customize the audio needs of a loud and raucous bar, quiet and relaxing main dining area, an upbeat and lively outdoor patio, and personalized private party rooms. Multi-zone audio allows you to manage the media and volume in individual rooms or spaces in your restaurant. Set the perfect mood for any occasion. Play different songs in each area or play the same playlist at different volume levels throughout your property. No matter how many rooms or zones your space has, managing each is simple with centralized control. You and your employees can easily operate every area with a single smart device. With just a few taps, make important adjustments without having to disrupt your diners.

Control all of the televisions in your restaurant on a single centralized interface, such as your smartphone or iPad. Place your displays strategically throughout your dining space, or install a video wall for an impressive and eye-catching centerpiece. Display a single video source onto the wall or mix and match video sources, such as showing all of the games currently being played for the perfect sports bar experience.


Restaurants traditionally use three types of lighting to create the ideal dining experience: Ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the main light source of a space that helps staff and diners to easily see. It can be in the form of overhead can lights and even a combination or overhead lights and natural daylight. Task lighting is used for function, generally taking the form of directional lighting or table lamps and allows customers to read a menu. Lastly, accent lighting adds drama and sets the ambiance for your space. Accent lights can be wall sconces, spotlights, string lights, and more.

Layer these lighting techniques to create a dynamic and immersive lighting experience. Vary the intensity of your lighting to create different atmospheres. Low lighting is perfect for romantic settings and can be made by dimming the ambient light sources while brightening the accent lights by the tables. Bright lighting is a good choice for coffee shops, brunch spots, and smoothie bars as it keeps your customers alert.

Smart lighting technology does more than add style to your space. It also helps you run your restaurant more efficiently. Easily control your lighting and automate your settings based on the time of day, daylight intensity, and desired atmosphere. Use a centralized wall-mounted touch panel or handheld tablet to make adjustments manually. Save energy with features such as automatic shut-off, occupancy sensors, multi-zone dimming control, and scheduling.


Surveillance systems are a fantastic way to check on your property whether you are there or away. Easily check in on a live feed from a mobile app or touchscreen. Most systems use video analytics to alert you when there is suspicious activity, and the presence of visible cameras is often enough to deter would-be criminals.

Access control systems make it easy to manage who has access to your properties. Restrict access to key areas of your restaurant, such as staff-only areas or your wine cellar, with a reader and door lock that only allows those with credentials to have access. Receive weekly or daily logs of everyone who has entered and exited the premises, and get an alert if there is any unusual activity. After closing, check to make sure that your team has locked the doors on your system's app and, if not, do so with a simple tap without having to leave the comfort of your home.

A security system will also protect your business from accidents. Ovens and stoves near flammable materials such as oil, alcohol, grease, and paper can easily start a fire. Oven hoods that are not regularly cleaned, gas leaks, and electrical faults pose risks as well. A security system is equipped with electricity, gas, flood sensors, and fire alarms to notify you and the fire department immediately when there is an emergency.

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