Is Smart Home Lighting Worth It?

Smart lighting in a home in Overland Park, MO

Learn About the Many Benefits Smart Lighting Offers to Homeowners 

Switching your standard LED bulbs with smart lighting fixtures may seem like an unnecessary home upgrade, but this isn’t true. Smart home lighting offers several advantages that can improve every homeowner’s lifestyle and home aesthetics. 

Let’s look at a few of the benefits of smart home lighting in Overland Park, MO, for a better understanding.

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It Helps Save Energy and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Smart lights utilize energy-efficient LED technology. Moreover, they offer greater control, allowing homeowners to manage the lights remotely or automate them to switch off when no one’s home, minimizing (if not eliminating) energy waste. This doesn’t just reflect on your energy bills but also helps reduce your carbon footprint. 

It Can Improve Home Security 

One of the most amazing advantages of smart lighting is how it can serve as an additional tool to improve your home security. Research confirms that most burglaries happen when homes are empty, so it’s important to convince potential intruders that your home is occupied. Lighting automation will give the impression that you are still home, discouraging criminals from breaking in.

Smart lights can pair with your home security system to trigger a preset response when a potential threat is detected. For example, when the motion sensors in your surveillance cameras get activated, certain lights in your home will automatically turn on. You can also create an ‘away’ mode in your lighting control system to turn lights around the home on and off at different intervals throughout the day. 

Create Moods with the Click of a Button

No more spending hours planning and executing lighting for various events. Smart lighting lets you do it with the click of a button. Planning a romantic date night with your partner, having friends over for a movie night, or throwing a cocktail party at your home? Whatever it is, smart lighting lets you create “scenes” beforehand, so you can turn on your preferred setting from your handheld device or in-wall keypad. With just one tap, the lights will lower or shift color to match your mood! 

Use Smart Lighting Technology to Your Advantage!

Along with comfort and convenience, smart lighting offers several advantages to your home. Above all, they help you create a safe, efficient, beautiful environment to enjoy! 

We at Applause Custom Sight & Sound offer a wide range of customizable state-of-the-art solutions for smart home lighting in Overland Park, MO, to let you experience all this advanced technology has to offer firsthand.

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