Elevate Home Entertainment with Smart AV Installations

Elevate gaming experiences with high-end AV components.

Transform Your Living Space into a Hub of Excitement 

Beyond the home theater room, did you know there are ways to incorporate smart AV installations into other areas of your home? You can turn standard AV components into automated, immersive, and personalized entertainment fun when paired with smart technology solutions like automated lighting, high-performance audio, and smart home controls.

Continue reading to explore how transformational smart technology can be for home entertainment experiences and AV installations in your Kansas City, MO, home.

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Set the Tone with Lighting

Lighting can play a role in setting the perfect mood for your entertainment space. You can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with automated lighting solutions. Here’s how smart lighting can be used to elevate your AV installations.

  • A movie mood - As you settle in to watch your favorite flick, the lights in your home theater could automatically dim to make you feel like you’re at the cinema. This automation allows you to relax and settle in for the show.
  • It’s game time - When you’re ready to play, easily adjust the lighting to provide optimal visibility without causing eye strain. Customize lighting effects to create the ultimate immersive gaming environment.
  • Let’s party - If you’re hosting a gathering, transform your entertainment space into a high-energy party zone by changing the color to create a vibrant and lively atmosphere while you dance to the beats. 

Surround Yourself with Sound

The perfect complement to your new video system is high-performance audio. Whether watching a movie, listening to music, or cheering on your favorite team, superior audio quality will elevate every moment. Take your AV experiences to the next level with these features.

  • Surround sound - Put yourself in the middle of the action with a surround sound system that delivers immersive precision and clarity.
  • Audio zones - Take your AV installation beyond the home theater to distribute music throughout your home. Audio zones allow you to play different songs or synchronize audio for a cohesive experience.
  • Voice control - Use voice commands to manage your audio system and AV components. Whether adjusting volumes or choosing a new playlist, voice-controlled smart speakers make managing your audio selections a breeze.

Simply Control Your Devices

Bring all of your AV components and smart home devices together in one centralized control. With the ability to tailor your experience to your personal preferences and consolidate device management, you’ll unleash new potential for home entertainment. Design a scene that instantly sets the stage for movie-watching, reading a book, or rocking out with your vinyl. The options are limitless.

If you’re ready to transform your Kansas City, MO, home into an entertainment hub of excitement, contact our team of experts at Applause Custom Sight & Sound. We specialize in smart AV installations and can help you design a personalized system to meet your needs.

For a free consultation, please contact us at (913) 498-1183, use the live chat box below, or fill out our contact form.

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