How to Protect Your Home and Family with Smart Technology

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Explore the Latest Features in Today’s Smart Home Security

Home security systems have been around for decades, helping families feel safe and secure. Like most technology, however, these systems have advanced far beyond their predecessors. Today, they’re smart, connected, and offer a level of protection once only dreamed of. 

These systems integrate with your many smart devices, including your smartphone, door locks, TVs, indoor and outdoor lighting, and shades. They protect your home from intruders and environmental concerns like fire and flood. For families with little ones, they keep an eye on their whereabouts, alerting you when they go “out-of-bounds.”

Let’s explore today’s remarkable world of smart home security and how it brings unprecedented peace of mind to homeowners in Kansas City, MO.

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What Makes up a Home Security System?

Home security systems are as varied as the families they protect. At Applause Custom Sight & Sound, we'll conduct a site survey, discuss your lifestyle, and determine the technology that offers the best protection for your unique situation. 

For many families, that includes smart security cameras strategically placed throughout their property. Some also prefer indoor cameras, particularly those with younger children and pets. Today’s home security cameras offer 4K resolution, night vision, and two-way audio. They’re even smart enough to detect the difference between everyday occurrences and unusual activity. 

Smart door and window sensors, motion detectors, door locks, and water, temperature, and smoke detectors also play a part in protecting your home. Digital tripwires let you know when someone enters your backyard or your toddler heads to the pool.

 What Makes a Home Security System Smart?

A smart home security system is connected, and this connection provides direct communication between homeowners and the system, no matter where they are in the world. You can view live video footage, control the system from a mobile app, and receive alerts when alarms go off or movement’s detected. 

You no longer worry when you head out the door for a long weekend or extended vacation. Did you forget to lock the back door or arm the alarm before you left? One tap on the app will secure your home. 

You’ll receive immediate notifications if someone is spotted on your property and can pull up a live video feed to see what’s happening. Smart lights illuminate at the perfect time, whether scaring off intruders or helping your family safely leave in a fire event. 

How Can You Make Your Home Look Lived-In When on Vacation?

Leaving the same light on when you’re away for an extended period does little to deter thieves. In fact, it can be a red flag—a sign suggesting no one’s home. Today’s smart security provides the perfect presence simulation, making your home appear occupied.

Simply press the ‘Away’ button, and the lights turn on and off, the motorized shades raise and lower, and the TV or stereo turns on and off. This activity occurs randomly, just like when you’re home.

Are you ready to explore the remarkable world of today’s smart home security? For a free consultation, please contact us at (913) 498-1183, use the live chat box below, or fill out our contact form.  

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