What Does It Really Mean to Have a Smart Home?


Learn how a Control4 system can fill your life with luxury and convenience!

It seems like everyone’s talking about smart home technologies nowadays. Every day you see more and more homeowners integrating fancy systems and making their homes "smart.” But what does it really mean?

A smart home is a residence where you can completely customize your surroundings to create an experience that satisfies your needs. Our experts can help you achieve this luxurious lifestyle by integrating a Control4 system. By giving it a simple voice command or tapping a button on a touch panel or your smartphone’s app, you can manage every area of your home and design an environment where you and your family feel comfortable, happy and inspired. 

Keep reading our blog to learn some of the main features you can manage with our Control4 solutions to elevate your Parkville, MO, home.


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Lighting and Shading

Lighting has a tremendous impact on the human body. So much so that slight changes in its intensity and temperature can completely change our mood, our well-being, and the way we perceive the world. Control4’s system allows you to get your space ready for all your activities while ensuring you’ll enjoy the beauty of your home. Through personalized lighting scenes, you can quickly create your ideal environment. 

For example, you can set a “good morning” scene that slowly opens your shades to let some sunshine in, turns on your bathroom lights and prepares your home for a new day. Later on, a “good night” scene can close your shades to give you more privacy, dim the lights in your bedroom to help you relax, and light a pathway to the bathroom or kitchen in case the kids want to get a glass of water in the middle of the night.

Home Entertainment

A smart home is not only convenient and comfortable; it is also a great tool to bring more fun into your spaces. With Control4, you can effortlessly manage your private home theater and stream your favorite content for a cozy movie night with the family. So whether you love a good Disney marathon or binge-watching a Netflix series, Control4 helps you bring more magic to your entertainment experience.

Are you more into music, podcasts and audiobooks? With our multi-room audio solutions, you can enjoy your favorite playlist in every corner of your home, allowing you to create a more cheerful ambiance. 

Security and Door Locks

What is more comforting and convenient than having your family and property safe? Through Control4, you can protect what you cherish the most by fully managing your locks, cameras and garage doors from anywhere in the world. Receive alerts when suspicious or emergency activity occurs, such as people wandering around your door or water leaking in the basement. 

At Applause Custom Sight & Sounds, we are committed to helping you build a better lifestyle for your family with our high-tech solutions. Are you ready to turn your ordinary house into a smart home full of experiences? Contact us today to learn more. 

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