3 Key Benefits of Home Automation


Discover How Home Automation Improves Home Security, Convenience and Energy Efficiency

More American households than ever are installing home automation systems into their properties. The convenience of controlling every aspect of your home from one centralized device is alluring. Beyond convenience, home automation improves home security and energy efficiency, too. Read our latest blog to learn three key benefits to a home automation system in Leawood, KS.


Home automation offers peace of mind by helping you to better protect your home. From your smart device of choice, you can view your property's live or recorded surveillance footage and check to see if your doors are locked. If one of your kids forgot to lock the door and set the alarm on the way to school, you can do so from your smartphone no matter where you are in the world. An alert can be sent to your mobile device every time someone opens the door to your home so you always know who’s coming in and out. Furthermore, if you have a dog walker or house cleaning service coming to your home in the middle of the day, you can be alerted that they are at your home and can unlock the door from anywhere. Home automation gives you complete control over all aspects of your home’s security system.


The most obvious benefit of home automation is convenience. From a dedicated touch panel, mobile device, on-wall keypads, or even by voice command, you can control your home's climate, lighting, security, and audio-video components. Save time by closing the shades with the press of a button or preparing your home for bedtime by locking the doors and turning out the lights in one fell swoop. You can even streamline these processes by creating scenes. You can program a scene for a movie night that turns down the lights, closes the shades, adjusts the thermostat, and turns on your audio-video system.

Custom alerts aren’t just limited to security, either. They can be as simple as if your child turns on their TV after bedtime or if your home’s temperature or humidity levels rise beyond your preferred setting. Life becomes simple, and control becomes seamless when you invest in a smart home automation system.

Energy Efficiency

A smart home system can also increase the energy efficiency of your home. Smart sprinkler systems, pool pumps, and faucet control systems can help you to save on water usage. By being able to automate lights and thermostats in your home, you can be confident that no fixtures were left on overnight or thermostats were running after leaving for work. Plus, remote access to your home allows you to make swift changes to these appliances even after you’ve left for the day. You will save money on utilities and lower your carbon footprint with these technologies.

Are you ready to install a home automation system in your Leawood, KS home? We would love to help you with your project. Contact Applause Custom Sight & Sound today to learn more about what smart home solutions would work best in your home. 

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