Surround Sound vs. Soundbars: Which is Better?


Which Sound Setup is Right for You?

Whether you want to listen to your favorite music and feel like you’re at a concert, or you’re looking to elevate your home theater experience – having a top-notch sound system is vital.

There are two main options when it comes to bringing high-end audio to your Overland Park, KS living space – a soundbar or a full-on surround sound system.  Which is best for you and your home, and what are the exact benefits and disadvantages to both?

In this blog, we’ll dive into both solutions so you can choose which one is the best for you and your setup.  Keep on reading below to learn more.


The Soundbar: An Easier Solution

There’s nothing worse than when a sleek flat-screen television looks great in your media room or home theater but has horrible speakers built into it.  A loudspeaker might appear too bulky accompanying this type of screen – so to keep up with its modern and thinner appearance, the soundbar makes an excellent addition.

If you’re looking for the more inexpensive choice, this is it.  Soundbars range in price, from the less costly ones to others that can support high-fidelity surround sound.  A soundbar is simple – only one piece of equipment that can be mounted on the wall or under a flat-screen TV.

You should go with a soundbar if you have a relatively small home theater or media space, and are looking for a less expensive option.  You can still have high-quality surround sound come from the soundbar in smaller areas or in your casual multi-purpose media rooms.

But soundbars cannot match up to a true surround sound system setup – and if you want to completely envelop yourself in tunes or in any scene of a movie, then a surround sound system is the solution for you.

The Surround Sound System: Immersive and High-Quality

A typical surround sound set up is a 5.1 setup.  The number five refers to the three speakers at the front of a room that form the left, right, and center sound channels and the two speakers at the back of the room.  Then the number one refers to the subwoofer, which produces the necessary bass that a home cinema demands.

This setup means you’ll be completely surrounded by high-end audio when you watch an intense action movie or a dramatic film – or even if you choose to listen to a new album.

You’ll discover total immersion for every movie night, and hear every piece of dialogue and sound effect with the ultimate clarity.  Choose from a variety of speakers for your setup – from floorstanding loudspeakers to wall-mounted or in-ceiling and in-wall ones.  You get to decide which ones work best with your room’s design and décor.

A surround sound system is significantly more expensive, as it’s essential you bring only the most trusted and reliable brands into your home.  But the payoff is an unparalleled sound quality every time.

Surround sound systems and soundbars: which is the best for you?  It turns out that it all depends on your budget and what level of audio quality you really want out of your media room or home theater.

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