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A Proper Home Theater Installation Involves Great Picture—and Great Sound

What makes the cinema great? While the answer is unique to every movie goer throughout Overland Park, KS, no one can deny that sound plays a big role in creating an immersive viewing experience that shocks the senses and leaves you breathless.

Sure, picture is just as important. But if you’re hoping for a home theater installation that rivals the nearby cineplex, you need a high-caliber surround sound system that crafts an enveloping soundscape each time you sit down to enjoy a movie.

In this blog, we’ll explore the industry-leading audio brand JBL Synthesis and how their speaker solutions elevate any home theater system. Discover the difference of JBL Synthesis below.

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JBL Synthesis Solutions

Discover the height in high-performance sound for your home theater with JBL Synthesis. Both their preconfigured home theater systems and theater loudspeakers are among the most powerful and capable instruments ever to be used in home entertainment applications.

JBL Synthesis speakers feature horn-loaded compression drivers—which is an essential component of cinema sound rarely heard in consumer systems—wide-dispersion titanium tweeters, and high-definition crossover networks for more accurate sound reproduction than its counterparts.

What’s more, JBL pioneered surround sound through cutting-edge THX technologies, which set a new standard of realism in movie sound. JBL Synthesis truly represents a “synthesis” of everything learned over the many decades of precisely reproduced sound.

Ideal Calibration and Sound Placement

All JBL Synthesis loudspeakers include proprietary Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization System (ARCOS) calibration software, which is a room correction solution that offers sound calibration and placement to ensure everyone in your home theater receives the same level of high-quality sound.

ARCOS technology represents the evolution of 20 years of room correction and speaker design for use within any home theater environment. This solution compensates for irregular frequencies that can occur from speaker resonances, resulting in greater accuracy and extraordinary sonic realism.

ARCOS also provides time delay correction so that all speaker signals arrive at everyone’s ears at the same time for an extremely accurate listening experience.

Solutions for Stately or Discreet Taste

A robust surround sound system doesn’t have to diminish the style of your home theater with bulky, intrusive speaker boxes. In fact, you can opt for an in-wall speaker system from JBL Synthesis that discreetly hides from view while still producing high-quality audio.

For more of a statement in your home theater, choose from the JBL Synthesis line of floor-standing loudspeakers or bookshelf speakers that add an impressive wow-factor to your theater room design. Many of their high-end loudspeakers come in a variety of finishes, such as rosewood, black lacquer, wood grain, zebrawood, and electric blue.

Don’t overlook the importance of quality sound for your private home theater. From design, installation, calibration, and ongoing service, our team at Applause Custom Sight & Sound can provide everything you need to ensure your home theater produces top-quality surround sound for any movie experience.

Learn more about our JBL Synthesis solutions or how to get started on upgrading your home theater today by contacting our team here or sending us a live chat below now. We look forward to assisting you!

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