Avoid These Mistakes When Designing Your Home Entertainment Space


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When done right, a home theater room or media room can be a dream upgrade for your property. Considering the frustration of traffic, long lines, and pricey tickets at the nearby cinema, you’re better off experiencing the excitement of the movies from the comfort of your home.

However, creating the perfect entertainment space isn’t as easy as throwing audiovisual technology into a room and calling it done. You need the right knowledge and equipment to design a worthwhile environment that rivals the movie theater.

Before designing an entertainment space in your Leawood, KS home, be wary of the following mistakes we often see in DIY installations.

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Picking the Wrong Room

Your entertainment experience largely depends on your choice of room—especially if you’re considering a retrofit home theater or media room installation. You’ll need to choose a room that provides optimal sound and picture quality, as well as easy wiring.

Consider a square or rectangular room that is large enough for maintaining appropriate viewing distance and a comfortable seating arrangement. You’ll also want a room that lets in minimal ambient lighting and isolates any unwanted noise coming from outside.

Selecting the Wrong Display Size

When selecting a display for your home theater or media room, you may think bigger is better for a life-like entertainment experience. However, a wall-size TV or projector screen will do more harm than good if it isn’t placed at the right viewing distance.

A general guideline is to sit between 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal screen measurement away, with about a 30-degree viewing angle. That means if your projector screen is 100 inches, you should be sitting somewhere between 12 and 21 feet from the screen.

We know not all existing rooms in your home may be big enough for a 100-inch screen. If you’ve chosen a smaller space, consider a Sony OLED 4K HDR TV for your display. Not only do the sleek Sony OLED models come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different spaces, but they are unmatched in eye-popping color, deep blacks, mesmerizing realism, and vivid contrast from any angle of your room.

Controlling Everything Individually

It’s frustrating enough trying to find the TV remote when you’re ready to enjoy a movie. But a robust entertainment system includes more than a display controller. You may also have a soundbar remote, source component remotes, a controller for motorized shades, and wall switches for lights.

Instead of wasting time powering on and adjusting each piece of technology with individual controllers, streamline the process with a centralized controller that adjusts your entire entertainment space in just one button press. A Control4 universal remote dims your lights, lowers your shades, turns on your display and source components, and sets the scene for a perfect movie night—in one fell swoop.

Creating an ideal home theater or media room takes research, strategy, knowledge, and lots of time. Why not leave the project up to us? Our team at Applause Custom Sight & Sound has many years of experience in delivering high-performance theater systems that tick all your boxes and never disappoint.

To learn how we can help, contact our team today at (913) 498-1183, fill out our online contact form, or send us a live chat below to speak to a home theater professional right now!

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