What Can You Do with Smart Home Control?


The Facts Behind Home Automation’s Magic 

Home automation allows you to make changes throughout your whole home at the touch of a button or even automatically. Smart home control comes in many forms ranging from wall switches and touch panels to an app on your smart device to voice control, but, ultimately, the effect is that every day feels a little more magical. We want to take you inside a smart home to explore all the features and functions and add a few tricks and tips. To learn more about what automation can do for your Kansas City, MO home, continue reading. 

The Kitchen

We’ll start our tour in the heart of a home, the kitchen. Whether baking treats for a family function, making dinner, or entertaining guests, this space needs to be functional yet elegant. Smart home control means that your kitchen space can work for you.

The use of motorized shades and lighting control, for instance, are ideal for maintaining a comfortable illumination. As we tend to be in the kitchen area in the evenings and morning, the light changes often. With a home automation system and by placing the shades on a light sensor, motorized shades descend at the exact right moment to prevent glares. You won’t have to stop what you’re doing. Then, because your systems are interconnected, the lights automatically brighten to maintain a comfortable environment like magic.

The latest trend in smart kitchens are smart appliances. This includes refrigerators that help you make your grocery lists and smart ovens that allows you to track your cooking from your smartphone. 

The Living Room

Motorized shades and lighting control have a role to play in the living room as well. Place your shades on a schedule that makes sure that they are closed throughout the day. They’ll prevent the sun from damaging your rugs or furniture while you’re not at home without you having to remember to close the drapes every morning.

Dynamic lighting design coupled with automation makes it simple to highlight your favorite decorations and architectural features. You’ll find yourself more comfortable in your space when it’s set in the right light. 

Whole home audio is the next piece of the puzzle. The living room is a great place to relax with a book or sit and chat with friends or family. Set the right mood with audio. A smart audio system allows you to play the source of your choice, from streaming sites to vinyl records, and easily adjust the volume or change the track from your smartphone.

Media Room

The media room has to have something for everyone in the family: the film buff, the gamer, the TV addict, and the musician. The first step in the puzzle is selecting the right equipment to suit your needs from 4K televisions and projectors to speakers for the surround sound to acoustics. Take the time to plan all of this out to ensure a high-performing audio video experience.

One of the best features of smart home control is that you can get rid of the excess remotes. With all of these electronics in the room, it can become difficult to manage. Audio and video distribution makes it simple to change the television or audio source and change up the room to meet the needs of those in it.


After your busy day, the bedroom should be a relaxing space. Home automation can help you leave behind the troubles of the day and focus on resting up for the next. For instance, after you’ve gone through your nightly routine, have you ever wondered if you left the door unlocked? Instead of worrying or checking the door, you can just check on your phone if you have an automated door lock. Then, if it is unlocked, just tap the screen to protect your family and home through the night.

Temperature is another factor that can affect your comfort. There’s nothing worse than being too hot or too cold in the night. Climate control means that it’s easy to maintain and schedule your nightly temperatures or make adjustments right from your bed.

Although we’re ending the tour here, that’s not where the magic of home control ends. Contact Applause Custom Sight and Sound today to learn more about what smart home solutions would work perfectly in your home. 

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