4 Ways to Use Motorized Shades


Discover the Versatility of Home Shading Control 

Motorized shades have become a staple of smart home automation. It seems that no project is complete without home shading control. The reason, these state-of-the-art devices help homeowners throughout Leawood, KS manage the amount of sunlight that enters each space. If you’ve never experienced automated shading, then you might not believe all the possible uses. Continue reading this article to discover four distinct ways motorized shades can improve your home and add convenience to your lifestyle.

Create a Temporary Home Cinema

If you don’t have a dedicated theater, you can’t have a true movie experience at home, right? Well, you might be surprised. Many homeowners are opting for multi-purpose media rooms where you can watch a movie, listen to records, or play a board game. Using the tools that automation offers, these rooms can transform to achieve the ideal environment for each of these circumstances.

For cinephiles, home shading control helps achieve that theater feel. When you’re ready to settle down and watch a movie, just click play. At that moment, because that setting is incorporated in your movie preferences, blackout shades close to block out the light so the screen is more visible, your television comes on, and the source device is ready to go.

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Add Some Privacy

Your bedroom and bathroom probably have windows, but sometimes you don’t want people to be able to see inside these spaces. Home shading control makes it simple to adjust the shades to meet these requirements in the moment.

By including multiple types of shading options on one window, you can find your ideal settings. When you’re just brushing your teeth and washing your face, you might want to let some light in with a sheer shade. When it’s time to shower or change, close the heavier drapery for complete privacy at the touch of a button.

Access Hard to Reach Areas

Do you have windows that are hard to reach? Maybe your living room has several tall windows. At certain times throughout the day, these windows could cause glare on the television or hit you while you’re seated on the couch. Of course, you could keep shades closed on these windows, but you’re reducing their value.

With automated shading, you don’t have to pull out the ladder to adjust these window coverings. Just press a button when you want to close the blinds, shades or drapes, and the job is done.

Save Energy

Your windows are not only a source of light but also a source of heat. During the summer, those sun rays can heat up your home and make your AC work harder. The result is that you’re using more energy than you need. In the winter, honeycomb shades help insulate windows and reduce the amount of energy you’re using to heat your home.

Creating summer and winter schedules for your motorized shades can help you do just that. Before you leave for work in the morning, press one button to close all the shades in the summer or open them in the winter. The result is a more efficient home with minimal effort on your part.

The above uses are not the only benefits that motorized shades offer. To find your ideal shading solution, contact Applause Custom Sight and Sound today.

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