Dedicated Home Theater Vs. Media Room


Which is The Right Choice for Your Kansas Home?

The latest trend in home entertainment is the multi-purpose media room. They are taking the reins from dedicated home theaters. While building a room around the ideal audio and video experience is still a wonderful way to enjoy a film or play a video game, media room design has dramatically evolved in the past couple years. In this blog, we’re comparing the two to see what’s right for your Mission Hills area home. Continue reading to learn more. 

Dedicated Home Theaters

Home theaters have been the standard of luxury home entertainment for a reason. Homeowners can have a professional cinema experience in the comfort of their basement or side room. However, they may not be right for everyone. Take a look below:


  • One Room to Rule Them All: A home theater is an opportunity to create a space ideal for watching a movie, catching the game, or gaming. Take for instance sound quality: every aspect of the room is designed to achieve the highest quality audio available. That means acoustic treatments, selecting the right materials for floors and walls, and finding and fine-tuning your speakers. The result is an immersive listening and watching experience.
  • Step Up Your Style: A home theater also allows homeowners to select a theme and develop the room around it. If you are an avid sports fan, design the room in your favorite team’s colors and display your memorabilia. Or maybe you want to make your room look like a drive-in theater; a professional installer will help you make that happen. Customizing your space makes for memorable viewing and family time.


  • You Can’t Take it With You: If you have a smaller home, or don’t spend that much time watching movies, you may not want to devote a room to becoming a theater. Because the space is engineered toward viewing, you probably won’t have room to do anything else.

Multi-Purpose Media Room

Media Rooms can be designed for many purposes from TV viewing to playing a game of pool. Is that the right choice for you and your family?


  • A Series of Fortunate Events: A media room can be devoted to many purposes and do them all well; it just takes a little clever media room design. You can create a space for watching movies with a couch that faces the 4K TV, surrounded by speakers that put the audience in the “sweet zone” for sound. That setup can be used to game or to listen to records. Maybe behind that you have a pool table set up or an area to play board games. You can extend your audio system to stream music from your smartphone while you play. You can even have a bar area with a second TV to keep both adults and kids entertained. This room can do it all.
  • The Dark Knight: Smart home automation tools and techniques can help you engineer the space depending on your needs. One of our favorite examples is motorized shades. Install blackout shades on top of blinds to help you create the right light for any scenario. Then, program different scenes for different activities and watch as your shades automatically hit their mark at the touch of a button. For example, press play on the movie and your black out shades descend to provide you with better picture quality.


  • The Last Picture Show: Even after employing these smart technologies, your media room still may not provide that same cinema feeling experience you get from a dedicated home theater. If you love movies, you may want to stick with the classic.

Whether a theater or multi-purpose media room is right for your Kansas home, proper installation is key. Applause Custom Sight and Sound has the experience necessary to build your ideal entertainment room. Contact us today. 

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