Elevate Comfort and Protect Your Home’s Interior with Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds keep the sun’s glare out of a room when enjoying entertainment.

A Modern and Luxurious Touch for Kansas City Homes 

Did you know that convenience and smart technology go hand in hand? Kansas City residents are quickly discovering the undeniable results of more effortless living after adding motorized blinds to their homes. While often overlooked, automated window treatments offer a modern style and several practical advantages, like safeguarding interior furnishings and reducing energy costs.

Continue reading to explore the benefits of adding motorized blinds to your Kansas City, MO, home. People realize that tasks like adjusting heavy curtains are tiresome as they age. Who wants to battle a tangled mess of cords simply to minimize the distracting glare of the afternoon sun? But the truth is, no matter what room you install motorized blinds in, you’ll benefit from their comfort and automated functionality. 

Why Should You Choose Motorized Blinds?

A dining room featuring two windows with Hunter Douglas motorized blinds. 

Looking for Style, Efficiency & Convenience? Elevate Your Smart Home with Motorized Blinds!

Are you ready to bring a touch of modern magic to your smart home in Kansas City, MO? If so, look no further than motorized blinds! Sleek, simple, and smarter than ever, automated window treatments add style, control, and a whole lot of convenience to your place. And guess what? Applause Custom Sight & Sound can install and automate them for you, seamlessly integrating them with your lighting control and HVAC systems. 

Let's explore the benefits that motorized blinds bring to your smart home and how our team of experts can help you install them for the best results.

Save Money This Winter with Motorized Blinds


Decrease Your Home Energy Use With Insulating Motorized Window Treatments

As the weather turns cold, homeowners' utility bills typically climb to account for the energy used to keep a home warm. Many people know open windows can heat a home during the summer, but did you know they can also let in cold air during the winter? This is because windows are portions of the house that aren’t insulated like walls, so it’s easier for outside air to slip in. In freezing temperatures, your heating system must work overtime to combat this cold air. 

Window treatments are not just stylish ways to cover your home. They also help provide some insulation to your windows and can protect your Kansas City, MO, home from the weather outside. In addition, motorized blinds offer even more energy-saving benefits because of their ease of use and ability to be automated. Keep reading to learn more!

4 Ways Motorized Shades Benefit Your Office


Why Commercial Automated Window Treatments are Ideal

You might have heard about the advantages of bringing motorized blinds to residential spaces – but did you know that they have just as many benefits for your Kansas City, MO office space? Completely transform your work environment with this smart solution, and see how it boosts morale and efficiency.

Want to learn more about how automated shades can elevate your company and workplace? Keep on reading on below!


1. Convenience

Imagine being able to lower and raise shades in your office with just one push of a button. With motorized window treatments, it really is that easy – and any of your employees can do it. By only using a smart device such as a tablet or wall keypad, they can lower the shades if the sun is glaring in through the windows or raise them up if they need some natural sunlight.

But automated shades mean you won’t even require someone to press a button all the time. Simply put specific settings into place, and your blinds will automatically work throughout the day and evening. Either have the shades lower and raise at certain points during the day when the sun moves through the sky, or have photo sensors detect when light is shining into the building – and then have the shades respond accordingly. It’s that easy.

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