4 Ways Motorized Shades Benefit Your Office


Why Commercial Automated Window Treatments are Ideal

You might have heard about the advantages of bringing motorized blinds to residential spaces – but did you know that they have just as many benefits for your Kansas City, MO office space? Completely transform your work environment with this smart solution, and see how it boosts morale and efficiency.

Want to learn more about how automated shades can elevate your company and workplace? Keep on reading on below!


1. Convenience

Imagine being able to lower and raise shades in your office with just one push of a button. With motorized window treatments, it really is that easy – and any of your employees can do it. By only using a smart device such as a tablet or wall keypad, they can lower the shades if the sun is glaring in through the windows or raise them up if they need some natural sunlight.

But automated shades mean you won’t even require someone to press a button all the time. Simply put specific settings into place, and your blinds will automatically work throughout the day and evening. Either have the shades lower and raise at certain points during the day when the sun moves through the sky, or have photo sensors detect when light is shining into the building – and then have the shades respond accordingly. It’s that easy.

2. Energy Efficient

You can cut down on monthly bills and costs by lowering your energy usage with motorized shades. Did you know shades and blinds provide insulation during every season of the year? Whether it’s too hot outside or freezing, your shades will trap heat or cool air indoors so that the internal temperature stays comfortable for everyone while they work.

You’ll not only have a smart solution that works with your smart thermostats to regulate your climate control so that everyone has a great working environment – but you’ll also save energy and money for your company’s expenses.

3. Security for Your Building

When the last person leaves for the evening after a long, productive work day – you can know your building and company’s valuable data is more safe and secure. Along with your smart security system, you can incorporate motorized shades that will lower as soon as the work day is over.

When intruders cannot peek into windows or see through them, they are less likely to attempt a burglary while the building is unoccupied since they won’t know the layout or what is even inside.

4. For Presentations

Giving an important presentation or hosting a conference meeting in your boardroom? It can already be stressful enough getting everything ready, so why not take the hassle out of the prepping with your shades setting the stage for you.

Your commercial automation and A/V systems will prepare your room for a meeting, but pressing the same button for those can also dim your lights and lower your shades. Put on a power point in the complete darkness and immerse your employees or clients in what you’re presenting.

Want to learn more about the many advantages of bringing motorized blinds to your workplace? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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