Are Motorized Blinds the Right Solution for You?


How Smart Shades Could Benefit Your Daily Life

You might think a smart lighting control system only pertains to the light switches and fixtures you install throughout your home.  But creating the ultimate balance of light in every room of your home goes beyond just dimming or brightening a space.

With summer in full swing, your Kansas home could greatly benefit from motorized blinds.  You might have plenty of rooms and areas that would be prime in the natural sunlight.

But what exactly are the pros of having motorized shades – and not just for special occasions, but also on a daily basis?

Keep on reading below to learn the value of installing smart shades in your living space.


Convenience for Everyone

Imagine taking complete control of the natural lighting in your home.  No longer will you have to fuss or mess with cords or hard-to-reach curtains.  Motorized blinds let you adjust and operate them with just a press of a button.

If you have large bay windows or high ones, then automated shades are a must.  Simply use your smart device to lower, raise up, or slightly shift your shades as the day goes on.

Don’t have time to manage them every hour the sun moves across the sky?  Set a schedule or even install photo sensors that can tell when the sun’s rays are getting too fierce.  Then the shades can automatically lower, and your indoor lighting can adjust to accommodate the lighting change.


Save Energy & Lower Bills

Go green with your motorized blinds by saving energy use and lowering your monthly bills at the same time.

Automating your shades to lower at certain points of the day and registering when the sun is shining directly through the windows can help reduce solar heat gain.

Your shades can create the needed insulation between the glass and the blinds themselves.  Your HVAC won’t have to work overtime to cool down a room, and the same goes for your heat in the winter.

You’ll elevate the comfort and luxury levels in your entire home and lower your energy costs too.


Protect Your Interiors

The harsh, midday sunlight can not only be annoying if you’re trying to stay cool on a hot summer day, but it can also be damaging to your interiors and valuables.

A professionally-installed motorized shades system can keep your furniture and artwork from harm as well.  Set the shades to lower when the sun is at the level when it shines right through your windows, or have the photo sensors alert them.

Once they’ve lowered, they can then either raise back up at the automated time or when the sensors detect that the sun has gone behind a cloud or moved.  You can have your room and whole home at just the right atmosphere without ever getting up or having to fumble with the settings throughout the day.


Motorized blinds have endless benefits and advantages.  Want to learn how this smart feature can be a truly valuable addition to your living space?

Fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us, or come check out our showroom to see these technologies in use for yourself.  We’d love to hear from you!


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