How a Professional Audio System Boosts Your Property Value


The Right Technology Can Enhance Your Home’s Appeal 

Revamping your home can take a lot of different shapes. Not only can it mean a bathroom remodel, but it could also mean bringing your technology into the 21st century. Sometimes you want a refreshing change, but in many cases, these upgrades have as much to do with your property investment.

Any time you consider adding something, it’s normal to wonder: will this add to or decrease the value of my Kansas City home? Never is the question more daunting than when dealing with technology, where sometimes value can be a little harder to gauge. In this blog, we're going to discuss precisely how a whole home audio system can affect your property value.

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Get Rid of Unsightly Clutter

Every realtor will tell you one thing when it comes to selling your home: it's all about staging. You want your home to look as beautiful as possible while keeping your interior design subtle and streamlined. As potential buyers walk through your home, you want them to be able to visualize themselves living in it. Which can be difficult if they see a lot of decorations or equipment that don't appeal to them.

There's an easy way to reduce clutter when it comes to your technology: multi-room audio. Have in-ceiling speakers instead of standing ones, keep all the cables and wires hidden behind walls, and leave all AV equipment in a dedicated closet where it remains out of view.

Differentiate Your Space

Getting your home to stand out in a high-end market can be difficult, and it's no longer enough to show off your architectural features. More than ever, technology is playing a significant role in buying decisions, and few features are more popular than home audio.

As your realtor shows off your home, they can use your multi-room audio to bring up a playlist they can hear during the tour. The simple process of adding music they love during their visit can make the house feel like more of a home.

A Live-In Ready Home

Knowing the technology is available isn’t enough to truly boost buyer interest. Do they feel it’s accessible? The coolest thing about professional whole home audio solutions is how easy they are to use.

When your realtor shows off the house, they can lend their phone to prospective buyers so they can play around with the technology themselves. With just a tap of a button, they can pull up the different music and choose which speakers to use. By the time they leave, they’ll be experts on how to use your audio system.

Simplify Their Additions

Since everyone has different tastes when it comes to music, it’s understandable that new buyers will want to personalize the system when they move in. Including their vintage turntable or favorite streaming services  -it just takes a quick call to their local home technology expert.

In a brief visit, the experts at Applause Custom Sight and Sound can adjust the settings and create unique profiles for the entire family. That way everyone will have easy access to the music sources and rooms they plan on using most often.


Find out how whole home audio and other smart technology solutions can enhance your property value. Reach out to one of our expert technicians by calling (913) 498-1183 or by chatting with one of our representatives in the bottom right of your screen.


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